Thursday , 21 January 2021
Looks like Etsy is launching a new way for Etsy sellers to promote their listings on the Etsy search pages.

So What is Etsy’s Next Surprise?

etsy surprise

Last week Etsy announced the change to the default search , and this week they announced a surprise!  Looks like Etsy is launching a new way for Etsy sellers to promote their listings on the Etsy search pages.  If you want to be notified about this Etsy surprise you can go to this page and enter your email address.   This looks promising for sellers!

What do you think this new surprise is actually going to be? 

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  1. I’m guessing an adaptation of product showcases, maybe less expensive. Perhaps search results will be shown in parts where sponsored results exist in top 2-4 rows and everything below is standard search. Thing Google Search but with photos instead of text.

  2. Paid ads, prolly at a low introduction fee opportunity for those who sign up…….otherwise, why bother to notify by a sign up instead of just announcing. Maybe an option for a flat monthly fee rate instead of per listing, esp since AF has gotten rid of their free basic plan. Best way to snuff the competition is to do unto yourself as others do unto them.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t heard of this yet. My guess would be paid subscriptions for a high search ranking, keeping your listings high in the search without having to constantly renew the listing … hopefully whatever it is won’t disadvantage unpaid subscriptions.

  4. Hmmm … Wondering what percentage of sellers even know about the change to relevancy yet. And how much revenue Etsy is losing now that those who do know are renewing less frequently.

    I’m guessing the surprise will be something (hopefully appealing and affordable) to offset that loss. Maybe a new version of the old showcase; if so, I hope it will bump the dreaded Taste Test results off the FP.

  5. A new Showcase format!

  6. Oh no! I was actually kind of stoked about the relevancy search since it cuts down a little on the pressure to renew. But now my guess is they’re going to offer a paid featured listing, where it costs, say $5.00, maybe more, maybe less, to list an item instead of .20 and it’ll stay at the front of a search (along with all the other gajillions of featured listings). Ebay used to do that, only they charged $20.

  7. Interesting ideas. A small fee would be worth it. Cant wait to see what they have under their hat.

  8. To make up for lost potential revenue for sellers who will no longer endlessly re-list do to the change the in search from recent to relevant.

    I’m rather worried that Etsy’s version of “affordable” and my budget won’t mesh.

    Still I rather have an announcement like this than have it sprung on us like the change in search was.

  9. Based on what has been speculated on so far, I’ll just say, all of the above! I wasted so much money on Showcases, so I’m hopeful those will be revamped and more relevant now. Frankly, I find it hard to second guess Etsy, so I’ll just wait and see!
    Thanks for the link to be notified; signing-up now….

  10. I tried a showcase and it wasn’t worth the money! Let’s see!

  11. I am hoping that it will be a flat rate per month. Art fire only charges $5.95 per month flat rate for a pro rate. As large as Etsy is I would think that it would be comparable. $.20 per listing and every time that you renew plus a fee every time that you sell is getting very expensive especially if, you have a lot of items.
    Showcases never worked for me. I am hoping that the relevancy search is also helpful.

  12. The largest shops with the most money to spend will benefit from this new way to promote within search pages.

    Look for the shady Chinese resellers to completely take over Etsy.

  13. I sure hope they have a set up better than the showcases…i would rather put my time into labels and tags than a redo of that!

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