Thursday , 21 January 2021
Have you lost views and possible sales since the recent change Etsy made to their default search? Do you feel lost when it comes to devising a plan of attack to get your traffic back? The Etsy relevancy search change is an opportunity get your items in front of buyers. In the long run this is a very good thing for Etsy sellers, but it has to be done right from the start.

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Etsy relevancy


Have you lost views and possible sales since the recent change Etsy made to their default search?  Do you feel lost when it comes to devising a plan of attack to get your traffic back?   The Etsy relevancy search change is an opportunity to get your items in front of buyers.  In the long run this is a very good thing for Etsy sellers, but it has to be done right from the start.

Now is the time for Etsy sellers to take action, but if you don’t have a clear strategy–all the work of renaming your titles and tags can be meaningless.  A well defined relevancy strategy will help you set clear goals and the ability to make sure your title and tags are working together.




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  1. i just subscribed to the pro but i cannot find these relevancy strategies anywhere.

  2. Although I am sure that there is a lot of useful info as always in here.often it is not as helpful for uber niche shops.

    • These strategies are made for any type of shop, including shops that are in a small niche. In fact small niche shops need will greatly benefit from knowing how their tags and titles are set up. I would say a shop that caters to a small niche should have more of a “super wide” strategy. This will help them reach more people in the search.

  3. I hope I haven’t lost sales, but I do notice that my views numbers are down.

  4. thanks now i can access to your always precious tips! your work is really great and helped me several time to improve my work

  5. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. My views and sales have increased with Relevancy.

    However if things change I will come back to take a look at your Ebook.

  6. Hey Tim- I’m concerned that my google alerts aren’t picking up my handmadeology site anymore – It’s been over a month and no alerts at all from it. Have you switched your focus to this more expensive site?

  7. I’ve gotten more views with relevancy, hasn’t translated to more sales yet, but as you say, you can’t have sales without views. I’ve never been one to renew unless the listing was expiring so I was probably getting lost behind those people who renewed daily. On the upside, Etsy sellers can now save money by not having to constantly renew to stay on top of the searches!

  8. I just have to say that your spreadsheet and ebook are awesome! The spreadsheet especially. I am experimenting with 20 items… I will keep you updated!

  9. So do I need to pay the $10 before getting the spreadsheet?

  10. I come to realize that changing my item titles to maximize my Etsy search visibility is probably going to cost me some google quality rank. In order to remain visible in both I had chosen to change 3 out of my ~60 items and write in the item description the original title of it…

  11. well TIm, i trust your work completely and i will probably end up doing this but i can’t help but feel like this change has done nothing but make money for everyone else but the seller..our views and sales have dropped off terribly, and this is our full time living. WHen we aren’t making money neither is Etsy, i don’t understand why they changed the search for a 1% difference in shopper satisfaction..that is ridiculous and costing us a huge amount of lost and have to spend money. i am disgusted…we have changed our tags and our titles are as descriptive as possible. This has added one more thing to our list of reasons to leave etsy…before we put up with the other things because we were making a living, now we are not!

  12. Does this differ from what Etsy’s suggestions and strategies offer?

  13. ITS WORKING! it did not happen immediately, it took 24 hours, but our listings are now on pages 1-3 instead of past pg 10 , i didn’t keep looking after that!
    Thanks Tim!

  14. And i have to add, anyone who wants to just boost their shop, even if they are doing good , our google ranking went to the first search listing too! the day before, we were on page one , but in the middle of the page, now we are the first one! WOOT! you gotta get this info Etsy seller!

  15. Timothy, help!!! I subscribed to pro, but I can’t log in!!!???

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