Thursday , 5 August 2021

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Butterfly Necklace Orange Tips

Butterfly Necklace Orange Tips | By: neile

As you know Handmadeology is dedicated to helping the handmade community.  Here is your opportunity to help the community and your self at the same time.

The Handmadeology Team is looking for your tips.  Tips that will can help other sellers, bloggers, crafters, and so on.  When you submit your tips to Handmadeology they will be reviewed, and if they get published, you will get link backs to your Etsy shop and your shop will be exposed to our thousands of readers each month. Our social media reach is vast with thousands of fans and followers, along with our 5k and growing newsletter your tips will not go unnoticed!

Here are the topics we are looking for:

Selling on Etsy Tips

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  1. Use Twitter! I held back for awhile before joining twitter, but I have had a few sales so far due to increased exposure. Twit everything related to your Etsy business (i.e. – your blog updates, your product updates, sales, promotions, individual items). Since starting using twitter to promote Etsy my views have doubled and even tripled in some cases.

  2. Views don’t equal sales. Make sure you have quality photos. This is a must! Describe your products well. If someone can’t read your description and get a GOOD idea of what they will receive, it’s a no sale. Learn how to create a fan page on Facebook. Ours is here:

  3. Use Stumbleupon to connect with like minded people and easily share information.

  4. Customer relations!! I convo the customer immediately after the sale to thank them and let them know I’m mailing their purchase the next day. I also thank them when they leave positive feedback for me. It’s paid off.

    another tip: post a couple of your positive feedback comments in your shop announcement.

  5. Do NOT underprice yourself! Always strive to improve your shop, items, photos, but don’t lower your prices just to make sales. Always think UP, not DOWN!

    Link back to your shop “For more KaBoogie items see ” at the end of every listing.

  6. I’m not sure if this is relevant but I think if all etsieans looked on Etsy before the high street we would all make more sales. There is so much talent on Etsy. Where better to shop?

  7. Photo Tip:
    I am fairly new on Etsy just under 6 months. But my number one tip is, read, read, read! I read everything I came across, and the Etsy community has a ton of great info out there.
    A friend who is a photographer gave me my Photo tip and I’ll share it here.
    Get two pieces of foam core and form an L with them this is your “stage”. Use natural light, if you can’t get outdoors, use a window. Fcae the stage towards a window, put your camera on a tripod and place it between your stage and the window. Put camera on super macro and get in close, really close! Shoot a lot, practice, and practice more. Get to know your camera and its settings, you’ll fiind the perfect setting for you. No flash, use that natural light. After many pictures I started incorporating scrapbooking papers, for different textures and color effects. These tips helped me immenseley, I hope they help someone else.

  8. GREAT tip about taking photos! Thank you very much. :)