Thursday , 29 July 2021
So, for those of you looking for some tips on how to have a successful craft fair, here are my favorite links from the last year or so, with tips for having a successful craft fair:

Successful Craft Fair Tips

Show Me Your Booths

So, for those of you looking for some tips on how to have a successful craft fair, here are my favorite links from the last year or so, with tips for having a successful craft fair:

From the fab Jessica at Funky Finds, here’s a brand new page chock full of useful information and helpful craft fair tips.

From Craft Fair Explosion, a great set of tips on staying hydrated in hot weather (which is not an immediate threat this time of year, but we all know it’s coming!

From the Etsy blog, a great list of tips for craft show displays and a  great list of seller tips for craft fairs.

From Meylah , a great article on how to make memorable product tags (because every single item that leaves your booth should be tagged)  and because you can’t have too many ideas for setting up your craft booth, here are some additional tips for setting up a craft booth that customers can’t resist.

From Handmadeology, a great article on lessons learned from someone’s first craft fair, especially important to note are the tips for dealing with the weather at outside shows.

From Oh My, Handmade Goodness, an article about breaking into the craft fair circuit (in case you are still on the fence about doing a craft show).

And, from my own blog, an article exploring how to have a successful out-of-state craft fair. This is a great article to read if you are thinking of taking your business on the road.

I hope you’ll take time to read all of these links and be fully prepared for your next fair. I’d love to hear some of your favorite tips for having a successful show when  you set up at fairs, so be sure to share them in the comments!

{Above photo from “Show Me Your Booths” Flicker Photo Group

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  1. Thanks so much for these pointers! I’ll be doing my first fair soon & have been looking for some guidance! xx

  2. a hard lesson learned was not having weights for my tent. At my first outdoor art fair a big gust of wind came up and my tent went over! But boy about 4 men came to my rescue in a flash and luckily none of my frames broke on my drawings! The following year that was the first thing in place after my tent went up!!

  3. The product tags shown in, “How to Make Memorable Product Tags” are so time-intensive, I’d spend more time making the tags than making my products. The tags are beautiful, but my time is costly.

  4. I’ve got a “Go” bag. It’s a bag with many pockets in it that I put supplies in for Craft Fairs. Good to have in stock: push pins, pens, more business cards, extra post cards, post-its, receipt booklets, tape, scissors, tea lights, matches, calculator, extra paper roll, shims, batteries, and anything else I have found that I have needed in the past. I have it at the ready. No need to go around a gather supplies. The initial money layout in small compared to having what you need prepared in advance. I’m always crazy busy the night before a sale, but my “Go” is ever ready and lightens the stress.

  5. Great sources! Thanks for pulling this list together.

  6. Really great tips! Thanks for finding all of these resources. (I’m off to my first show of the year this Saturday!)

  7. What a great list of tips! I enjoyed reading through them and taking good advice away to use.

  8. Thanks for this reading list, I am thinking heavily about giving shows a try. My husband thinks it could be fun :)

  9. Getting my list complied now, as I have 2 big shows the weekend of July 23/24! I’m so glad you posted this now, because I was going to go and look-up past articles! Great timing, thank you! I feel prepared, but having someone else’s experience to bolster me is just what i needed!
    Best of luck and sales to us all this craft season!

  10. Wonderful articles! Thanks so much for sharing these! Will be making note of these for my displays!


  11. Ooh! Thank you for the links. I plan to do a show in the Fall.

  12. What a great onslaught of links!

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