Friday , 10 July 2020
Beckie will be sharing her insider secrets and tips on what she loves about about Tophatter, and tips for new sellers looking to start selling.

Successful Etsy Sellers Finding Success on Tophatter – Little Peeps

little peeps

When I stumbled upon Tophatter about a few months ago I knew it had potential to really grow in to a powerful selling venue for artists.  I am starting a new series here on Handmadeology called ” Successful Etsy Sellers Finding Success on Tophatter”. I have found some successful Etsy sellers that are successfully selling their handmade goods on Tophatter, and  interviewed them!  They will be sharing their insider secrets and tips on what they love about about Tophatter, and tips for new sellers looking to start selling.

Successful Etsy Sellers Finding Success on Tophatter

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Today’s featured Etsy seller up in the series is Beckie from Little Peeps.


1 – I opened my Etsy shop nearly 2 years ago after having success at local boutiques & wanting to expand. I make neck wraps & eye pillows that can be heated or chilled. They can be scented for a little aromatherapy or unscented. So, not only do they provide relief, but they are cute in the process. I have heard so many stories of relief they have provided. Through childbirth, through chemotherapy, after injuries or just in times of stress. I love having an excuse to buy beautiful fabric & love even more making people happy. I then entered the world of home deocr and added decorative pillow covers. I really enjoy the process of helping buyers put together the perfect combination of fabrics to create them pillow covers that make them happy!

2 – I’ve been selling on Tophatter almost 3 whole months!

3 – It’s funny… I always get nervous before my item comes up for auction. It’s like watching your child perform in a play. Once your item goes on the block, it’s so thrilling to see people bid on your item. You get to participate in the chatter, answer questions & give your “sales pitch”. It’s such a rush when your item sells!

4 – The thing I enjoy most about Tophatter is the interactive setting. Bidding situations always make things exciting… especially when there is a bidding war… and even more especially when it is on your item! I enjoy the people I “meet” on Tophatter & being able to interact with them live.

5 – I have definitely learned a lot since beginning to sell on Tophatter. Start out with a single item… get a feel for the market. Do a little research of your own. I have found that my items sell better in certain auctions at certain times of the day. Find out where & when that is for your shop, mostly through trial & error. Don’t get discouraged if some of your items sell for low bids or maybe don’t sell at all. It may take a little time to “get going”. I have had a couple of items that didn’t do so well… however, if you see the number of Views on your item, you will realize that not only are you selling, but advertising. I have also found that after auctions on Tophatter, I get traffic to my Etsy shop from Tophatter and repeat buyers. Also, when you have an item coming up in auction, try & be there for the auction. I have been to auctions where items don’t sell simply because the seller was not there to answer questions about their item. Other than that… just stick with it, give it a little time & enjoy the ride!

Etsy shop:  Little Peeps

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