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Etsy Sellers Can Now Edit Expired Listings Before Renewing

Etsy has just announced that sellers can now edit expired listings before you renew them. Here is the official announcement:   Etsy Forum Thread ericds says: When a listing expired, there was no way to edit it before renewing. We know this frustrated many sellers who wanted to update their listing and make sure it was perfect before renewing. I’m happy ... Read More »

Good Changes to Etsy Shop Announcements

Since the new look of the shops on Etsy launched, there have been sellers unhappy with some of the changes.  One major change was the look of the shop announcement.   Etsy has just made to improvements to the new shop announcement . First the word “announcement” has been removed. Below you can see where the word used to be! The ... Read More »

Etsy News – Listing Pages Are Going Wide -Update

{ Update}  The wide listing pages is now live for all to see! Check your shop!    Original post 9-29-10 Along with the wider shop view, Etsy just announced that each listing page will soon have a new wider look!    You can check out a preview HERE.  I think it looks awesome… more focus on the product! sean11 from Etsy ... Read More »

Honda Features Etsy On Their Facebook Fan Page

As part of their Kicking Out the Ladder week, Honda featured Etsy today on their Facebook Fan page!  Check out the wall post… be sure to like the post and leave a comment!!! Help spread the word… give this post a Tweet, like it on Facebook, bookmark it, or even write a blog post about it!  If you tweet be ... Read More »

Over 1.4 Million Items Sold on Etsy In September 2010

Etsy is growing, and you can see it in the numbers they reported for September 2010. Stats from the September 2010 Etsy Weather Report: $26.6 million of goods were sold by our community in September, 4.3% higher than August’s $25.5 million. That represents 1,466,039 items sold for the month, 4.4% higher than August’s 1,404,248. 2,196,970 new items were listed in ... Read More »

Etsy Suggested Shops Just Got Smarter

One of the new features on Etsy is the suggested shops.  There were some complaints about what shops were being sugggested, so Etsy answered and made the feature smarter.  Thanks Etsy! sean11 says: Suggested Shops just got smarter. You can now say “no thanks” to suggested shops you’re not interested in, and watch your suggestions get better and better based ... Read More »

Etsy Addresses The Recent Site Outages

Lately Etsy has been experiencing some site outages.  These outages effect sellers, buyers, Etsy API program developers, and Etsy itself.  Etsy has address these outages and what they are doing to better prevent these.  You can find out more about these outages over on  Code As Craft. Read More »

Etsy Updates “Opened On” Date For Sellers

One of the problems some Etsy sellers faced, is when they first joined Etsy the “opened on” date reflected the dated they signed up for an account.  This did not reflect the dated they opened their shop.  Etsy just announced that they updated this.  Now the date reflects the date the seller opened their shop. Read more about this change ... Read More »

Etsy’s Handmade Code Contest Launched Today

Etsy announced today they are holding a handmade code contest and they need the help of the Etsy community to give ideas for programmers for new Etsy applications. Etsy sellers and buyers can leave their ideas over on the Etsy Storque HERE, and developers can check out more details about the contest HERE. Etsy Says: Do you wish Etsy had ... Read More »

Etsy’s CEO Rob Kalin’s Interview With TechCrunch

Etsy is on top!  Check out the stats from TechCrunch and the interview with Rod Kalin. Steven Carpenter from TechCrunch Says: A few weeks ago, Etsy, the New York-based marketplace for handmade goods around the world, raised $20 million in new capital at a $300 million valuation—3 times the valuation of its last round in January, 2008. In contrast to ... Read More »

Personalize Your Etsy Home Page

sean11 says: Beginning today, a small percentage of Etsy members will see an additional set of items on the home page. These are items we think you might like, and this is an experiment. We are testing the performance of a few different ways to present members with items of interest. This set of items will be different for every ... Read More »

$25.5 Million Of Goods Were Sold On Etsy In August 2010

Looks like Etsy is doing great, and that means so are all the sellers!  Go Handmade, Vintage, and Supplies!! Etsy Says: Etsy’s community and marketplace growth just keep getting better. Looking good, August! The stats: * $25.5 million of goods were sold by our community in August, 7.1% higher than July’s $23.8 million. * That represents 1,404,248 items sold for ... Read More »

Etsy Groups Are Coming To Town

Etsy groups are coming to town!  Etsy groups are currently in the beta process for testing.  This is going to be an exciting site feature for the community. Etsy Says: We are thrilled to announce that the eagerly anticipated Etsy Groups is becoming a reality. Currently undergoing an invite-only beta testing process, this site feature will provide a way for ... Read More »

Etsy News – Make Your Purchases Private

Etsy admin announced today that they are sean11 says: We’re introducing a new Privacy tab in the Account section of Your Etsy for managing the information you expose publicly on the site. With this enhancement we will give you the option to make your purchase history private. Purchases are currently public on Etsy by way of our feedback system. Etsy’s ... Read More »

Etsy News – Log In With Your Email or Etsy Username

Later next week all Etsy sellers and buyers will be able to sign with their user name or email. Etsy Announces: Very soon you’ll be able to sign in to Etsy with your email address or username. We hope this makes life better for Etsy members who don’t always remember their username. We plan to launch this change later this ... Read More »

Etsy News – Etsy’s New Checkout System Supports Sales Tax

From Etsy: We’re happy to announce that the new Checkout will support collecting sales tax. Starting today, you can go to and set tax rates for U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and countries where you would like to collect sales tax. You can also indicate whether the tax rate for each region should apply to shipping charges. The sales tax ... Read More »

Etsy Phases Out Internet Explorer 6 Support

– Why are we phasing out Internet Explorer 6? – IE 6 was released in August of 2001, nearly a decade ago. It is a last-generation browser with limited capabilities. Supporting IE6 means fewer new features, less frequent updates, and a limited user experience. Our goal is to create the best experience we can possibly create on Etsy for as ... Read More »

Etsy Announces The Release Of A New Checkout System

Etsy announced that they are releasing a new checkout system that will address many of the common complaints with the old checkout system.  Below you will find the announcement made in the Etsy forums about the new Etsy checkout system. ericds says: —–Here’s an overview: We retired the idea of committing to buy, so submitting an order is no longer ... Read More »