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How To Get Featured In Thousands Of Etsy Treasuries

etsy treasuries

Jen From PoleStar says: This post stems from a few posts I have seen where sellers are astounded at others being featured in thousands of treasuries. I was going to post IN a recent thread but I thought the advice deserved it’s own post. Everyone here should NOT feel like small potatoes for only being in a few treasuries. We ... Read More »

Save Time By Automatically Renewing Your Etsy Listings

The developers over at have just released their Clockbot.  This new feature allow you to set up your Etsy listing to automatically renew. The Clockbot utilizes the Etsy api with the new secure OAuth system (read about the OAuth here) Here is a short tutorial on how to set this up! 1. Head over to and find the ... Read More »

Work Less, Be Happy!

I confess: I’m a workaholic. Everybody that knows me, knows this about me. But I’ve also learned the hard way how harmful it is for my emotional + spiritual + physical health to put in perpetual hold my extracurricular activities like my pilates class + going shopping with my mom + lunching with my girlfriends + etc. Now, no matter ... Read More »

Prepping Your Etsy Shop For The Holiday Season

Prepping your Etsy shop for the holiday rush is very important, and how better to give tips on holiday prep then The Tiny Fig.  Check out all the super cute and fun items in their shop!   Here is a huge list for preparing your Etsy shop for the holiday season! TheTinyFig says: 1. BUILDING INVENTORY & SHOP APPEARANCE. It doesn’t ... Read More »

How To Find Out How Much Traffic a Blog Gets

  As Etsy sellers we are always looking for a way to increase traffic and sales.  One way to to this, is to advertise on high traffic blogs. There are a number of way to find out how much traffic a blog receives each day, and every month. RSS Feed Subscription Numbers: The fist method is to do a little ... Read More »

Are you Afraid of Success?

By: Laura Bray Most of my clients are afraid of being successful. Heck, even I struggle with it. It’s been popping up a lot lately when I’m coaching artists and crafters, so I thought an article was in order. Are you afraid of being a successful artist or craftsperson? Read on to find see the symptoms and get some tips ... Read More »

Insights After 4 Years And 4,400 Etsy Sales

I love to see successful Etsy sellers sharing their tips with the Etsy community.  Here are some amazing tips from a 4 year veteran with 4400 plus Etsy sales. Analiese says: Over 4400 sales later, I would love to share some updates on some tips I gave a long time ago……… I am happy to say that I have been ... Read More »

Hey Stay At Home Moms – Here Are 5 Tips To Boost Your Etsy Sales

AlpacaCreations says: If you’re a stay-at-home mom like me, you probably laugh every time the “Quit Your Day Job” advice hits your inbox. Although I’m sure we’ve all had moments when we’ve wanted to, the simple fact is…we can’t quit our day jobs! While I love the Etsy marketplace, the fact is 70% of my sales last year were local. ... Read More »

Etsy Opens Doors, But It Is Up To You To Enter

When you open your Etsy shop there is work you have to do to get people to notice you  and start shopping.  As Melissa from HautTotes says “Etsy opens doors, it is up to you to enter, push through the crowds and up the stairs!”.  Here are Melissa’s tips for doing just that! Melissa from HautTotes says: Etsy opens doors, ... Read More »

Clean Up Your Etsy Item Tags For More Views

There are many was to get more buyers into your Etsy shop.  A few good examples are running sales, properly placing keywords,  getting featured in more treasuries, and as SavoyFaire an Etsy seller points out changing up your tags.   Here some great tips for cleaning up and changing your Etsy item tags. SavoyFaire says: This Spring I wrote a Spring ... Read More »

Etsy FAQ : Tips From A 4 Year Etsy Veteran

The longer you are involved with something the more you are bound to learn.  Karina has been selling on Etsy for over 4 years and she has kindly shared her tips for running a successful Etsy shop. Karina from KreatedbyKarina says: Veteran In a few months I’ll be celebrating 4 years on Etsy! To mark the day, I thought I’d ... Read More »

Interview With Etsy’s Top Photography Seller Irene Suchocki

The Swing Set – Fine art photograph – fair – carnival I had the privilege of interviewing Irene from  Is Photography and asking her a few questions about successfully selling photography on Etsy.  Irene is the top selling photographer currently on Etsy.  I have included a few of photos in the interviews, so please take the time to check out ... Read More »