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The Top 16 Etsy Sellers – 935,348 Sales Combined

Here are the top 16 Etsy sellers.  Check out all the cool supplies! The combined total sales are more then 935k ….. amazing! ‘The Top Etsy Sellers – 935,348 Sales’ by TimothyAdamDesigns The 16 top Etsy sellers! 15-16 inches strand of Apple… yadanabeads $3.5 10 Vintage Plastic Squiggle … mksupplies $3 2pcs 55x40mm Antique Bronze … shareliving $4.5 100pcs 2in ... Read More »

And Away We Go – Handmade and Vintage Travel Gift Ideas

What could be more exciting than traveling to new places? Experiencing all the sights, sounds, tastes & even scents of a new place? Immersing yourself in the atmosphere of an exotic locale? Seeing the world from a different point of view? Adding a new perspective? Even seeing home from another point of view? Appreciating the beauty that surrounds you, no ... Read More »

Metal Heads = Artful Minds

‘Metal Heads = Artful Minds’ by folkandfiber Andy Warhol said, “An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.”These creative souls started with things that people didn’t need to have, with objects people had thrown away, and from those created art. I enjoy recycling bits of hardware, metal, and junk into an artful form. This Treasury ... Read More »

French Press – Smooth and Rich

‘French Press – Smooth and Rich’ by TimothyAdamDesigns Warm up with coffee from a french press. French Press Coffee Cozy – E… pinkdixie $20.00 Press Me – Pen and Ink Illus… NanLawson $10.00 It was black and cold, I put… copperinc $10.00 spot the spurtle doodleandhoob $20.00 Coffee Chaos (8×10 photograp… aziedesigns $25.00 French Press Ink Drawing amberperrodin $25.00 Reproduction ... Read More »

Yellow Flowers

‘Yellow Flowers’ by mermaids777 Reminiscent of childhood, sunshine and yellow roses…sweet little girls twirling their pretty skirts…Sometimes I want to go back to an easier, simpler time…but if only for a moment I can here The Neighborhood (Ochre) – P… meArtDesign $18.00 Yellow Agate and tiger eye F… luckilyDesign $21.00 Yellow Feel Peony Hair Flowe… luvablecreatio… $8.00 ON SALE!!! Vintage ... Read More »

Rings, Greens and all sorts of Blue Things (Team Heartland)

‘Rings, Greens and all sorts of Blue Things (Team Heartland)’ by RaeoLight Here’s a wonderful grouping of some Team Heartland / Midwest Team Finds. Enjoy the color and fun! The Hair Care Pair that Roc… GetLathered $16.50 8×10 Seaside Flower 3 – Phot… dreameryphotog… $22.00 Boy’s Woodland Growth Ch… rkbrushworks $55.00 Disco Dots Reusable Snack Ba… bellsandunicor… $6.00 Ms. Green ... Read More »

Bloom Where You Are Planted

‘bloom where you are planted…’ by leapinggazelle It’s cold and rainy here today. There’s a hint of winter in the air and it has me thinking of ways I can bring my garden indoors. Enjoy! Happy with Simply Black dres… LadyTA $ Rustic Blue Storage Crate Hindsvik $54.00 STAINED GLASS PENDANT WITH W… DesignAndBeMar… $ Artists Do It Creatively – ... Read More »

Curled Up With a Cup of Coffee!

‘Curled Up With a Cup of Coffee!’ by WalkingSoftly Happy National Coffee Day!I hope you enjoy these warm and delicious finds! Set of 5 Wool Wrapped Stacki… mysticfibers $30.00 Coffee in New Orleans 8×10 P… aroundin80fram… $15.00 Sepia Hydrangeas – 8×10 Phot… theeye $20.00 Latte Collection – Crochet C… Sweetbriers $14.00 2 Pounds Organic FLAVORED Co… katherynmd $23.00 Coffee and ... Read More »

A palette of SPICY Fall/Autumn colors

‘SPICY…’ by ByYourSide2009 A palette of SPICY Fall/Autumn colors from just a few of my favorite Etsy shops!!ENJOY!! HairStyx – Hair Sticks for L… ZaftigDelights $30.00 Personal Organizer, Coupon C… CafeBoulet $21.00 Amber Dreams Bracelet vee41dmb $26.00 Custom Knitted laptop sleeve… martice $47.00 Hot Apple Cider Soap Bar soaprehab $5.00 BOGO SALE – buy 1 get 1 half… katieskreation… $ ... Read More »

These ROBOTS have TRUE Genuine People Personalities

‘Sirius Cybernetics Corporation ain’t go nothin’ on these bots!’ by RobotsAreAwesome “Your plastic pal who’s fun to be with!” Nah! These ROBOTS have TRUE Genuine People Personalities. GUS Found Object Robot Scu… yllas $169.00 Destroyer Alien Robot Spaceboyjordo $125.00 Mike Slobot robot art ANDROI… slobot $375.00 MOON UNIT – A Recent Drop Ou… reclaim2fame $135.00 Robo Bank – Untidy Work ... Read More »

Leaves of Grass

‘Leaves of Grass – Autumn Homage’ by MoMuertos This is inspired by a little bit of a big beautiful poem:”ME imperturbe, standing at ease in Nature, Master of all, or mistress of all . . .”(Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass) Miss Poppies print munieca $18.00 set – earthy brown, green re… bethtastic $50.00 Mossy Leaf Pendant SovereignSea $10.00 Grass … ... Read More »

Rockin Eco-Friendly ClevelandTeam Style

‘Rockin Eco-Friendly ClevelandTeam Style’ by TakeTwoSkateShop Paper or Plastic No Thank Yo… zJayne $12.00 12 Heart Shaped Travel Tags … bettyhendrick $2.50 Upcycled Coffee Bag Apron Gr… MaidenJane $ Keep Calm and Recycle On Dry… zJayne $12.75 Recycled Skateboard Reversib… TakeTwoSkateSh… $ Amber Swirl Recycled Wine Bo… urbanartifaks $35.00 Pink Sea Glass Crystal Brace… lakeeriebeachg… $50.00 Recycled sweater tote bag ... Read More »

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate???

‘Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate???’ by charmeddesign1012 Chocolate brown – yummy, pretty, warm. Enjoy! Chocolate, but no ordinary c… ileaiye $139.00 Set of CHOCOLATE WALNUT ESPR… albisacandles $17.97 Lemon Quartz, Whiskey Quartz… ScarlettShoppe $152.00 Pecan Clusters-Enough To Sha… nikid $ Vinyl Wall Art Decal —Thre… WowWall $ Cocoa Spice DaintyButton $80.00 1 oz Dark Chocolate Oolong T… dreamweaversho… $4.00 Art Lovers ... Read More »

Etsy Treasury Day On Handmadeology

The Etsy Treasury has been a amazing place to shop , promote, share, connect and view all the amazing talent found on Etsy.  In honor of the Etsy Treasury I will be highlighting a treasury filled with awesome Etsy finds every hour throughout the day once every month!  You will see treasuries from Handmadeology readers  and a few that I ... Read More »

As Plain As Black And White

Summer is a wonderful season – especially in Cali – and is full of fabulous greens, yellows, oranges and blues. It’s also a time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. As much as I love bright and lazy days of summer, I was craving some class and elegance. My treasury “as plain as black and white” showcases black and white ... Read More »

Ascending : Moving or Growing or Going Upward

Honestly, the initial inspiration for this treasury was my sister’s photo (marcibrunophoto).  She’s a newbie, and I’ve curated a couple of treasuries trying to help her get her work out.  But as so many treasuries do for me, this one started to turn a little bit for me, become more personal.  In all the treasuries I have curated, I’ve only ... Read More »

Perfect Autumnal Memories

I am inspired by color – always! This treasury, to me, evokes the fabulous colors of Fall, which make me think of the smells, the colors, and the activities, of time spent with family & friends, and looking back at another summer gone by. A quote by P.D. James sums it up: “It was one of those perfect English autumnal ... Read More »

It’s A Nice Day for a White Wedding

I love all of the wedding stuff on etsy- it’s all so beautiful, the pictures are so whimsical so I thought I’d make a treasury and I named it “It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding” because 1. that was the main color theme of my treasury and 2. the song by Billy Idol is what I walked up ... Read More »