Saturday , 19 June 2021
If you feel like you are getting traffic to your shop but not many sales that's a conversion problem.

The Breakdown With John W. Golden : Converting Views In To Sales

John W. Golden is a digital artist that has been designing since the 80′s.  John joined Etsy in July of 2006, and has sold over 10,000 items.  You can also find John’s work in Target!  The Breakdown series is a ongoing series that goes behind the scenes of John’s successful Etsy shop.   We will be looking at real questions from real sellers, and John is going to break them down and give his straight-up answer.   We will be covering a wide range of topics, but all will be geared to the success of your Etsy business.

If you feel like you are getting traffic to your shop but not many sales that’s a conversion problem. Conversion may be improved by trying small changes to your listings, photos, what you are selling and how you are selling it.

If you are not getting traffic, that’s a marketing issue. That means trying new things with promotion.

As far as specific ideas for your shop, I think as online sellers we face a challenge when it comes to certain items.

I sell wall decor mostly, and I think the factors about wall decor that buyers consider are primarily subject matter, color scheme and size. That’s a pretty small number of factors to think through when buying.

Clothing and accessories, on the other hand, have a lot more factors that your buyer may be considering. The feel of the piece, the weight of the item when you wear it, how is it going to fit on me?, etc. I doubt we as sellers can anticipate everything that goes into a buyer’s decision to purchase your items.

In my experience, certain things sell better when the buyer can get the item in their hands. They can try it on, and answer for themselves so many of the questions that it is not possible to really answer from viewing an online listing.

If I thought that was the case with my items, I would try to find venues where I could get my items in the hands of potential buyers, and then try to use my Etsy shop as way to generate repeat business from those customers and also a place where the folks that didn’t buy in person on the spot can come back and buy later.


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  1. Hi! What a relief to see my situation in a Handmadeology headline! Getting more and longer visits to my shop and nobody buying anything any more! That’s exactly what’s happening to me!

    My shop is Suzoom on Etsy and I make lampwork glass bead dog pendant/ figurines/ornaments. I think it’s possible that the people who were finding me before the conversion were people unfamiliar with lampwork art and so delighted with my work they had to have it. Now, after the conversion, I feel that the people who are finding me are interested in lampwork and are checking out my work, admiring it, critiquing it, considering it, but not buying it!! I want my impulse buyers back!! I welcome any comments or suggestions!

  2. Wonderful article and suggestion on getting your items out into the public versus just online. I sell jewelry which is a very competitive here on Etsy with so many others also selling jewelry. I have had an offer from a local store to sell my items with them taking 15% of the sale. I am excited to do this because I know it would help if customers could actually see and hold my pieces, but I certainly do not want to pay to much for this exposure. It would be $35.00 a month for my display case in his store plus the extra 15% of sales a month. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Tam ♥

  3. I am in the similar situation as Suzanne. I make handcrafted pottery which is highly decorated with textures and patterns. Thinking pottery would be hard to sell online without touching, I didn’t think I would do well online. But Etsy had been great when I joined in. Got lots of sales. Now I get lots of views, but they are not converting to sales. As mentioned in the article, Etsy now is a source for my repeat customers to buy something. Or if someone sees my work at a show and wants to buy later. Etsy is still a great place to find galleries who are interested in carrying my work.

  4. Awesome!!! Thank you sooooo much!! I think the $35.00 and 15% is a great deal too. I am going to go for it. I set up shop this Oct 1st. I appreciate you all commenting. Have a beautiful day.

    Tam ♥♥

  5. Maybe Charan and I changed all our keywords too quickly and too much. Is that what you mean by making small changes?

    I have recently gotten requests to be featured in blogs and a request from a gallery to represent my work and that is just wonderful! But I sure would miss the personal one on one selling that I get to do on Etsy if it keeps going down. I really enjoy the Etsy selling experience.

  6. Thanks so much for the great feedback on the $35 and 15%. Really appreciate it. I’m going to go for it.

    Tam ♥

  7. Woopsie. Posted again because my first post received an error. but now here they both are.

    Thanks so much!!

  8. Excellent thought, I think my items are the type that would sell better in person. Maybe it’s time to think of some more local venues where buyers can experience the items first hand.

  9. This was a great, to the point, article. I’m having my first local show in less than two weeks. I hope that you are right!

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