Saturday , 15 May 2021
Have you guessed it already? The most important part of your business is YOU! Are you taking care of yourself properly?

The Most Important Part of Your Creative Business

Make Time Square Tile Magnet

Make Time Square Tile Magnet by: 26MileStones

Have you guessed it already?  The most important part of your business is YOU!  Are you taking care of yourself properly?  As I type this, I have to pause every few minutes and squeeze my left shoulder to try to bring some relief to what I think is a pinched nerve, caused by all of the sitting and typing and browsing and sewing I’ve been doing.

Confession is good for the soul, right?  Okay, here goes.  I spent over $200 on my Wii and Wii fit when I really should have made a trip to the dentist.  Every day I got up and worked out faithfully.  For a few weeks.  Then I had several orders all at once that needed to be filled, and the workout routine got dropped like a hot potato.  The conviction and the desire to work out haven’t gone away.  The Wii’s alien-robotic voice reverberates in my head all day. I still need to lose 20 pounds, and I still need my tooth fixed.

It’s not that I don’t have the time to work out.  I have the same 24 hours in a day that everyone else has.  I’m just not making myself a priority.  And I love the Wii and the Wii Fit Plus.  Just doing 30 minutes of the available stretching exercises brings rejuvenation to my body.  The soccer ball game is a great quick cardio, too!

The truth is that I am my own worse enemy!  I stay hyped up on coffee all day, stay up until 2 almost every night, check my email when my husband wakes up at 4 a.m. to go to work, wake up for real anywhere between 6 and 8, neglect eating, neglect feeding my family in the style they are used to (home cooked meals from scratch, fresh bread, expressions of my love in baked goods).  Since I’ve started Etsying, so much has gone on the back burner.

And I just started a new blog, which I’m so excited about that I’m neglecting my housework EVEN MORE than I was before.  It’s just unacceptable.  My sweet, sweet husband needs one of those signs that says “Keep Calm and Carry On”, because that’s what he’s doing.  He’s so supportive, and I am so blessed.  He hates going to bed without me, but I have left him sleeping single in a double bed here lately.  For shame, for shame!  He’s my biggest fan, and my most neglected.  He deserves better!  While I strive to take care of my customers, rejoicing with each positive feedback, my family sits on the sidelines, shuffling baskets of unfolded laundry around the living room.

Loads of laundry are whirring in the background as I type this.  I did stay up until 2 last night, but I was preparing food for the day and washing dishes.  Well, and working on the new blog occasionally.

Don’t worry!  I’m not about to stop working.  Having my own business is thrilling!  But one of the whole reasons I hated working a “real job” was because I would come home and pass out on the couch from exhaustion.  Sadly, that’s exactly what I did yesterday at four in the afternoon.  Something’s got to change, and it’s got to be me!

Quote for the day: work smarter, not harder!  I hope you enjoyed the read.  Off I go to jump on the trampoline with my kids for a few minutes, which is under a hundred-year-old oak tree.  Being the cool mom I used to be, I (translate my husband) hung a trapeze bar in the tree over the trampoline.  Best trampoline set up around!  Then I’ve got some four o’clocks to transplant.  I’ll start my work out again tomorrow.

Still sitting there?  Here’s an article on how to get a good stretch while sitting down.

See the original “The Most Important Part of Your Business” here

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  1. OMG…I may as well have written this post. Glad to see I am not alone.

  2. We should start a new Etsy team! Confessions of Exhausted Etsians

  3. Oh I can SO relate to all of this! This biz is addicting, I think. I have 3 shops (one is lame and unloved right now)and never feel that any get proper attention. Let alone ME getting any! Got Wii for Xmas in Dec 2009 – have yet to learn how to turn it on!!

  4. This is like my conscience telling me yet again. Thanks for putting up this post and giving me a “thunk” on the head to “make time”. My dear husband is always complaining that I don’t seem to be in his ‘radar’ anymore! Whoa….whoops…what now?
    Gotta go now. Make myself some metime!

  5. Just wanted to update everybody that Wednesday night I got 8 hours of sleep, (although I didn’t go to bed until 2). And my mom picked up the kids last night which allowed my husband and I to enjoy adult conversation over dinner and then a leisurely stroll around Wal-Mart. I woke up to a notification of payment in my inbox and comments on my blog, which always make me happy! Already had my shower, about to drink my coffee, and I am feeling rested and restored. You can do it, too!

  6. At least I’m not alone, as I sit here thinking I need to clean the bathrooms, exercise, but want to paint these cute bunnies on the kitchen table…

  7. I try to bike as often as I can or get the heart rate going with some kick boxing/pilates… Sadly, I’ve been going butt crazy fusing glass windows for ceramic lanterns that I have made. My gym, or as some people might call it, living room, is blocked by pots and glass stuff. I’m so mad at myself for not getting it all organized better and I hate myself for using the clutter as an excuse for not exercising. Though, today I will leaving the studio at a reasonable time to get the mess under control and get back to kicking butt.
    Thanks for the – very much needed – inspiration!
    Sally Anne

  8. OMG………thought I was reading my life!!! great to know I am not the ONLY one who feels like the days have become to short to accomplish every task. =)

    Love my work, love designing and creating…only regret not spending so much of my life climbing the corporate ladder and hating each 8-5 job I had.

    Growing enough to actually hire help till Etsy decided to change EVERYTHING and my shop practically dived into non-existence!
    Now scrambling to regain, relearn, stay afloat…my forte is not spending so much time on computer work but creating beautiful items….not happy with the changes, but have plenty of confidence in my work to survive, the thought of 8-5 is not a option anymore! =)


  9. Totally relate to this!! My housework has so much catching up to do but I have to keep painting those dinos :) Not complaining though…very thankful :D

  10. Wow, it’s as if it were me writing this! As I sit here rubbing my aching left shoulder. Thanks for this, I’m going to quit early tonight and get an actual good night’s sleep for once! Jewelry can be polished, packaged and shipped in the morning!

  11. This is so true. Funny enough, yesterday I worked out on my Wii Fit for the first time in 42 days! Sneaky Wii for remembering and guilting me with this information. I take it as a positive affirmation that the laundry and vacuuming I promised myself I’d finally do this morning came with this great article.


  12. Thank you for your honesty Melinda :) This is exactly what I think anyone who has a handmade business or any business goes through … unless we are making enough to hire help in the house! We are too dedicated and honestly, it’s a good thing that can hurt us! If it were about ‘just makin’ somethin’ Then we would have an easy time prioritizing BUT we have to market – which takes 10 hours to every 1 hour spent creating/new desinginf/paperwork (or more). Kudos to you to have raised awareness to the handmade community to start paying attention to what matters most …. Us & Family. Have a blessed day!
    PS I think most of us who create ALL need to loose a few and eat better .. Speaking for myself :0)

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