Wednesday , 4 August 2021
The age old question of "How do I price my handmade goods", has been haunting artists forever. There is no true single answer for every artist. Here are a few articles that will help you price your handmade goods.

The Price is Right? Tips for Pricing Your Handmade Goods

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Yes, that is a question!  The age old question of  “How do I price my handmade goods”, has been haunting artists forever.   There is no true single answer for every artist.  Here are a few articles that will help you price your handmade goods.

Not Just Another Pricing Lecture by: Melissa Borrell

Pricing your Handmade Jewelry

How Much Are Those Earrings

How Much is Your Experience Worth

How Much Time Do You Really Spend On Your Product

Pricing Tips for Your Creative Business

Under-charging: 15 Expenses That Should Affect Your Pricing

The Price of Craft 

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  1. I recently increased my prices after several people mentioned or asked if I was selling wholesale. Whoa, nelly! That was an eye-opener! I came up with a new formula, re-priced everything, and am finally comfortable (mostly) with my results. I immediately got a few sales after that! I still question some of my necklaces, whether they should be higher, and that usually means that they do. One customer at a show that I do monthly, remarked on the increase, told me she understood, but she still seemed a bit hurt by it! (Sorry toots, my bottom line was hurting more.)

    So now my jewelry has a different response; how pretty! Wow, that’s expensive! or, how pretty! Well, that’s reasonable. No more middle ground these days; you either get it, or you don’t. Works for me!

    Thanks for the input; pricing is always a bugaboo. But having some guidance will always steer any artist to the right solution.

  2. This is encouraging! Thanks for sharing. I’m currently doing shop makeover, changing and adding new designs to my jewelry, and I so look forward to calculating the prices.

    However I wasn’t like this before. Making something that isn’t quite out there in the market was tough for me to price my items, and so, yes, I’ve abused myself mentally by underpricing my work. Uh! That hurts!

    I don’t give a flying banana what customers will say about my increase. If they love and appreciate my work, they WILL buy it regardless of the price increase. Hell yeah, it’s going to be kickass ride!

    P.S. I’m now concentrating on quality more than on quantity (as before). That makes me 5 amazing bracelets for double the price and it’s less work.

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