Saturday , 15 May 2021
The Process of Blogging

The Process of Blogging


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Not Listening, Just Waiting to Speak – Some thoughts on blogging

I have been blogging for a year and a bit and it has been quite the learning experience. I definitely am not an overnight blogging success and I for sure don’t know everything. I have so much to learn and I have so many improvements I plan to make. Despite all of my blogging inefficiencies, I do have some thoughts on the topic.

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I think all bloggers know how to maintain a following – write often {and hopefully well}, cater to your audience, comment on other blogs, make yourself useful, make your blog something people want to read, and so on.

I try to do all in my ability to make my blog an interesting place, something people want to read, but I am not in it just for the followers. Don’t get me wrong, I love having people read what I have to say, but I don’t want to collect you like this is some big race to the finish. I would rather have a handful of people actual read and value my blog, than hundreds of people barely look at it.

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A few times a month I add my blog to different “blog linky parties.” These linky parties are the things where you can link up your blog and find other blogs to follow. I like reading blogs and finding ones that interest and inspire me, so I will add my blogs and check out some of the others. During these I inevitably get so many comments like “Hi I am here because of XYZ link party..come check out my blog!”

I would love to check out your blog {and I look at all of the blogs} but it just seems so generic. Did you read my blog? At least one of the posts?

There are a gazillion blogs floating around cyberspace and I know about that desire to have someone, anyone, follow and read your blog…everyone wants someone to listen to them. No one wants to feel like the person in front of them is just waiting to speak. So I get it, I get why this type of pandering for followers is done.

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I am guilty of this. When I first started to blog, I wanted followers. I thought it was the mark of a successful blog, but now I realize that the mark of a successful blog is having repeat readers. People who comment because they actually enjoy what they have read or seen on my blog. If that number is small, then so be it. It will grow when it needs to grow. You can only force it so much. This is the biggest lesson I have learned blogging.

So, if you stumble across my blog and enjoy it, please stay! Follow! I love having you here and you are so very welcome. But, please don’t just wait for me to finish so that you can speak.

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Just read, write, be yourself {it is your blog after all}, be polite…even when you don’t feel too polite and listen. They will come. There is no prize for the most followers. There is no big win. It’s all a process. A fun process, but still a process.

{Thanks to each and every one of you that reads this blog. And to each and every one of you that maintains a blog that I read and love. I know how much time and effort it takes and I appreciate all of your amazing posts, finds, pictures, ideas, and tips. This is a labor of love and I am happy I have discovered the crazy and rewarding world of blogging!}



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  1. Well said. I’ve made some lovely, lasting connections through my blog, and I think that most of my shop sales have actually come through those sort of relationships rather than random passersby. There’s value in cultivating that community rather than working on a “collection.” I know I’ve benefited from it immensely, all “marketing” and sales aside.

  2. You’re right there is no prize for having the most followers! I see comments like that on my blog too. One word and link to their site. I just want to say slow down and enjoy the amazing technology we have to learn and be inspired from writers, designers, and artists around the globe!

  3. I’ve gotten a few comments on my writing blog like that. I’m nice and check their blog but most of the time it isn’t a blog I’m interested in. Any blog I am interested in (this one for example.) I try to comment, even if it’s just great article. Or I vote if that option is available, anything to let the blogger know that I did read and I found it interesting.

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I’m completely new to the blogging world and trying to figure out how it works so I can use my blog to promote my new handmade business. This post went a long way toward answering for me the question of “what’s the point?” So much of what I’ve read about blogging and how to blog was entirely focused on achieving a certain number of followers. I think you’re exactly right: it’s not the number that matters, but rather how involved and excited those followers are by the content of your blog.

  5. I love blogging and have been fortunate enough to get comments that are relevant to my blog topic. I someone leaves their blog url, I usually read it but that is the exception rather than the rule

  6. Thanks…. and I totally agree… I hate the fact that people follow you but never say a word … I dont really see the point …

  7. Nicely written, really gives me something to think about.

  8. Thank you for sharing. Will soon be stepping into the world of blogging, just in my research a planning stage, then I’ll jump in with both feet. I appreciate your info!

  9. Very well put, Regina. I have a blog as well (though sadly neglected at times) and it does take a lot of time and thought to amke an interesting and enjoyable blog for readers.

  10. Thank you this was very helpful!

  11. I’ve been doing a blog, too and it’s been a struggle learning everything. I think it’s important to build a relationship with potential customers as well as people with the same interest as mine. When I did bead shows I made friends with fellow exhibitors, shared ideas, got support and built a relationship with my customers. Without the personal contact of doing shows, blogging seems to be the next best thing.

    I would love more information about the “blog linky parties” you do to share your blog. I do need more exposure.

  12. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I just started my own blog and I need that kind of foundation. I don’t want to be a blogger who’s in it to win, buy one who just has something to say and hopefully I’ll get loyal followers, not just tons of passers-by. Thanks again!

  13. Words well spoken. Thanks for helping to stop that crazy “I don’t have enough followers” voice in my head!

  14. Thanks, this was a very encouraging post! Sometimes its hard to sit down and write when you feel like no one is listening. Its important to remember why you’re doing it.

  15. I sat at my computer tonite determined to post on my blog but, as per usual procrastinating about what I could possibly say that would be interesting enuf for others to read … then I read your post and now I get it and I agree with it and I will pursue it from an entirely different avenue. THANK YOU.

  16. I have just started blogging, I find that maybe you do not so much have registered followers, maybe some folks read & do not comment …I blog so that people can get to know what I do, how i do it and why I do the work I do. With handmade things people love to know the person behind the work, somehow i believe it makes a piece more special..isn’t that what a piece of art should be…..

  17. hi, i just wanted to let you know that i love your blog and i’m always happy when you have new posts but i usually don’t comment them. i have a tendency to comment on good blogs with zero replies. but if i see some comments, i usually don’t have anything new and smart to add, so i just keep reading silently. however, i hope you won’t stop blogging for a long time. :)

  18. Thanks for spelling it out so clearly. As a newbie (52 posts to date) was in danger of falling into the follower collector trap. However, thanks to all the suggestions you make (and some I fall into!) they ARE beginning to arrive and it’s tremendously uplifting. But… there are so many worth reading and not enough time to do it all! Thanks for the help again.

  19. Where do I find YOUR Blog?

  20. Yes, I was wondering the same thing as Kim. Please post a link to your blog so we can read it.

  21. Thank you for such a refreshing article. I am going to rethink my approach to my blog, and my “following” of others. I must admit I have gotten excited about other blogs, clicked on follow, and then don’t get around to reading them.

  22. I have been pondering what to write in my new first blog. I have so many ideas but when I sit down to do it they all just leave. This inspires me to just sit down and do it. I keep hearing how people have made connections and friends blogging and I guess my fear is that I won’t.

  23. I am a beginner blogger and trying my way through this subject, which I know very little. Thank you for the tips.

  24. Good read, very good. Those crazy perceptions we sometimes have are not always, and most of the time, correct. I write about poetry, crafts, my Etsy shop, and have very few followers. I am not consistent as time is a factor. You have put me on the straight and narrow with my thinking. Thanks.

  25. I definitely agree! I’m not a fan of all the rules, like you need to ‘post at least once a day.’ I see so many blogs that follow these rules & their posts are not generally personal or engaging, they’re just posting ton fulfill a quota. I think that the best blogs engage their readers in a personal way, a few of my favorites occasionally go for weeks without posting. Their posts are incredibly well written & speak to the reader on a very deep level. I don’t know if they lose followers when they do this, but they’ve never lost me. I wait for every little nugget. Be yourself is the best advice you could give, thank you for this great article & advice!

  26. Great info! Thanks for the post. =)

  27. I find the same behaviour on Facebook fanpages… drive-by postings to the effect: “I like your stuff! Check out mine!”
    Folks going on silly ‘Like’-ing sprees, just to gain attention for themselves. :P

    I’m like you… I blog for the journey, for self-dicovery and reflection, to share my corner of the world with people who are genuinely interested in this artist’s “secret” life.

    I enjoy digging through the archives of my favorite artists’ blogs, to see their personal journeys and struggles, and admire how far they’ve come.

    There is no point in collecting hundreds of spammy comments. It’s much better to grow organically with a few loyal followers who love your work! :)

  28. A very thoughtful post, I have recently started a new blog and I take on board all that you say..

  29. So true! Blogging is never about the destination – always about the journey. Sure it’s tough to keep coming up with fresh material, but being yourself helps so much! I don’t post once a day, I’m lucky to post 3 times a week, but I do stay consistent which I think is important.

    Thanks for the encouragement! :D


  30. thank you, i am a new blogger and i didn’t know that. very thoughtful ☺

  31. Good to know. Interesting tips I should keep.

  32. Bravo!!! I fell into the hype of “I follow, you follow”. The results are nonreaders. I want what you want, true, captivated readers! :-)

  33. Thank you for such an inspiring and invigorating post! You put into words what I have been feeling about blogging