Thursday , 9 July 2020
The Road To 1000 – Fairytale Flower

The Road To 1000 – Fairytale Flower

The Road To 1000 - Fairytale Flower

What I make in my Fairytale Flower shop is fabric flowers and flower accessories of all sorts.

While always ‘a crafty’ person who got joy out of creating with my hands, making flowers was a fairly recent discovery for me. However, once I learned the basic technique I was totally hooked. Ever since, I’ve made hundreds upon hundreds of them and have learned a lot about how to make them better every time.
I love experimenting with shape, size and colors but also with fabric and the endless possibilities of how to embellish a center.

Once I realized that there were people out there who would happily buy the flowers I so lovingly made, the next step was inevitable and I opened my etsy shop. This has given me the opportunity to feed my flower obsession and indulge my flower-making habit. I make beautiful things that make me happy and then they go on to their new home to make someone else happy. It’s a win-win situation.

Opening and running an etsy shop has been a huge learning experience for me and I learn new things continuously.

 Champagne Organza Flower Hair Clip Corsage

The 3 most important things I have learned this year are:

1. You can never over-emphasize the importance of pictures when selling online. Your picture is what will entice the shopper to click on that item and enter your shop and perhaps make a purchase.
Work at it till you get it right.

2. Work out those tag words! Finding the magic words that will bring potential customers to your shop is just as important as those great pictures you took. No traffic equals no sales.

3. Don’t get too caught up in your virtual life that you miss out on what’s happening around you. Make time to spend with your loved ones, to relax and re-charge those batteries. Nature is a powerful tonic and a universal source of inspiration. Get out there often and breathe the fresh air.

Poppy Flower Earrings Blossom Studs
I’m enthralled with the way that you can take a flat piece of pretty organza, bestow it with love, attention and a purpose and end up with an ethereal flower that looks like its been created by magic – but you know that it’s been made out of sheer will and your own two hands.

I love the process of making these flowers and I love the resulting blooms. Mostly however I love the happy reaction of the recipient when I am lucky enough to see the face of the person receiving it or the happy reactions of the recipients who are in some far-flung corner of the globe but will take the time to write a note to tell me how a little flower changed their day or embellished a special day.

So, why do I create flowers? The truth is, I just can’t stop. Maybe it’s my attempt to infuse the world with a bit of beauty as I understand it, a pop of colour or a note of romance. Maybe it’s because I love the act of creating them so. Or maybe it’s that I need to create all the so-far-unrealized flowers that are still floating around in my head.
Whatever it is, I find that it is a force beyond my control and I plan to happily flow with it for as long as it carries me along.

Fairytale Flower

Fairytale Flower


road to 1000 

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  1. Wow, this product photography is absolutely amazing!

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