Wednesday , 28 July 2021
This guide will walk you through finding the items you love to making that final bid and having it shipped to your door step!

The Tophatter Buyers Guide

tophatter buyers guide

Tophatter is quickly becoming the new place to shop for unique handmade goods.  Hundreds of items go up for auction every single day in an exciting and fast paced live auction setting.  The nature of a live auction is fast and furious which can make it difficult to find the items that you want to buy.  I have put together this buyers guide to help anyone find that is looking to find that unique gift at a affordable price.  This guide will walk you through finding the items you love to making that final bid and having it shipped to your door step!

You can sign up for Tophatter HERE…. no waiting for an invite!

Tophatter Buyers Guide:

Profile, Settings, and Payment

Once you are signed up on Tophatter you will want to fill out your profile.  Make sure you enter your email address and your cell phone number if you are looking to get alerts about items you like ( I highly recommend this option!) Here you can change your avatar around….. rumor has it they are working on more customizations!

All payments are done securely through Paypal, so you will have the peace of mind when you buy.

tophatter buyers guide

How To Find Items Up For Auction

The first place you can find items is right on the front page where you see all the auctions.

tophatter guide

1. Currently Running Auctions: There are always auctions running and here is where you will see the auctions that are happening right now.  You can see how many people are attending and the auction category.

tophatter buyers guide


tophatter buyes guide

1. Price and shipping info

2. Text message alert

3. Seller info

4. More item info and pics

You  can browse through items in the live auction. Look at the item up for bid and the upcoming items. Some auctions even have pending items that you can browse through.

2.  Upcoming Scheduled Auctions:   As you will notice there are numerous actions scheduled everyday.

tophatter guide

When you click through to a upcoming auction you will be able to browse through all the items that are up for auction. New items are added all the time, so if an auction looks low on items it will fill up!  At the top you will notice a count down and a button where you can RSVP for the auctions. If you RSVP, you will get a reminder  notice via email the day of the auction.   You can also see all the auction that are happening that day.  Be sure to browse through all the items, each item is clickable an d will bring up a info box with pics and information.

You can sign up for Tophatter HERE…. no waiting for an invite!

Browse Galleries

A great way to find items up for auction is to browse through the Tophatter galleries.

tophatter buyers guide

Pick your category and click through the items.  If you find one you like do a little more research on the seller and send an alert!

tophatter buyers guide

Looking Through Closed Auctions:

A great place to find items that you may like is the closed auctions. By browsing through the closed auctions you will be ale to see what items sold and what didn’t sell.  You will also be able to see the price!  From here you can click through to the sellers page and see if they have that item up for auction again.

tophatter buyers guide


tophatter buyers guide

Selecting Items to Bid On ( doing a little investigation)

Any time you see an item you can click on it to get more information about it.  You can see more pictures, descriptions, shipping info, seller information , sharing options, and even a reporting feature.

tophatter buyers guide

If you love this item you can set a text message alert that will notify you via a text message 5-10 mins before the item goes up for bid.  Here is where you will be able to check out more about the seller. By clicking the sold by link you will be taken to the sellers profile.

If a seller has sold items in the auctions you will see feedback that buyers left.  You will also be able to some more investigating by clicking on the Visit My Store button.  Be sure to learn about the seller you are buying from before you start bidding.  Read about the seller and check out their feedback on other sites.

tophatter buyers guide

Also on the sellers page you will see what items are for sale in upcoming auctions and items that have previously sold.  Take the sold prices in to consideration when you are bidding on the items in the live auctions.

tophatter buyers guide

Bidding on the Items You Love

When you finally make your decision what items you want to buy you are ready to start bidding!  This is a straight forward process , but I highly recommend watching a few items sell and see how the whole process goes down.

tophatter buyers guide

1.  This is where you place your bid. You can see the current high bid and right on the bid button it shows how much you are going to bid.

2. This shows who the current high bidder is.  Pay attention to this so you don’t bid yourself up.

3. Here you will see what the auctioneer is saying. Going once, final warning… typical auction lingo!

4.  This is the timer bar for the warnings.

I recorded this short video of a live jewelry auction. The earrings up for auction sell for $22. Check out how it all goes down!


Tophatter quick reference guide:

1.  Search for items you love

2.  Research the sellers

3.  Send alerts for items you love

4.  Let the bidding begin!

Right now Tophatter is only open to those with invitations but you can sign up for Tophatter HERE…. no waiting for an invite!

Have fun bidding! 

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  1. Tophatter looks like it has some amazing deals. You can also sell your handmade items on Bidzinger too. You will not have to share commissions nor do you have to pay any fees save if you want your shop verified.

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