Monday , 30 November 2020
The Ultimate Like: What Happens when Your Product is Featured in “Etsy Finds”

The Ultimate Like: What Happens when Your Product is Featured in “Etsy Finds”

The Ultimate Like: What Happens when Your Product is Featured in “Etsy Finds”

When designing products for my Etsy shop, I love to target shoppers who have buying intent, because it makes marketing and selling much easier. So what is “buying intent”? It’s when a shopper uses keywords in their Google or Etsy search that reveals their intent to make a purchase. For example, I sell bamboo phone cases with engraved word art that celebrates and honor Moms and Dads. My titles, descriptions and tags for those products include phrases like “Mother’s Day Gift” and “Father’s Day Gift”. The combination of the holiday and the word “gift” demonstrates  prowl that a credit card is at the ready!

Etsy understands buying intent, too, and is keenly aware of upcoming holidays they can leverage for marketing purposes, like the scenario described above. This awareness is demonstrated in their “Etsy Finds” emails, which often highlight upcoming holidays with curated collections themed around gift giving holidays.

mothers day iphone case

So what is the impact when Etsy shares your product via a “Finds” email? Recently, I had the honor of finding out when they shared one of my “Mom” cases in their “Mother’s Day” edition. I share the results below, but first, have a look at how they notified me via email …

etsy finds 2

So did the “Etsy Finds” promotions rock my Etsy world? Yes and no. That day my shop received 2310 views, 136 favorites, and 10 sales. During the previous 30-day period it average 1170 views, 101 favorites, and 10 sales. So it doubled my views, increased my favorites somewhat, but did nothing for immediate sales (although I did see one sale for that specific case the next day.

 UPDATE: On Friday, Etsy shared it again in another Mother’s Day themed email. That day I received an additional 6,600 views and 8 sales for my Mother’s Day cases, and 3 or 4 saes each day, since.

But here’s an interesting side note… Look at the views my other “Mom” cases got that day. It shows that visitors likely entered via the link Etsy provided, then searched their own (or their Mother’s) phone.etsy finds1

My (optimistic) conclusion of all of this is, with Mother’s Day still a month away, shoppers are not yet motivated to make a purchase. My hope is they bookmarked pages and Favorite’d cases, and will return when they have … you guessed it … buying intent.

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  1. Congratulations! May I know, what is the criteria used by Etsy to feature a product? is it quality or sales?

  2. Meiko, I’m guessing it a little of both, but I’m sure they look at sales history and like to favor products that have the best chance of selling. Dan

  3. How does one’s shop get featured in an “Etsy Finds” email??

  4. yes, I would like the same information, how does one get featured?

    • My shop was featured twice within a month in the Etsy finds email, over a year ago. To this day, I have no idea how I got chosen. I most certainly saw a boost in my shop, as that was my busiest Christmas season to that point. I also made the front page of etsy a few times over that busy holiday season. (that was when treasuries were on the FP) It’s a rush, for sure, but I’d LOVE to know how they find me to increase my odds of being found again ;)

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