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The reason that you don’t sell might be that people don’t know yet that you exist. So you need to get yourself out there either by listing, advertising and promoting your shop. Sooner or later people will find you if you continue doing what you do.

There is a Reason Why you Don’t Sell

Rhinestone Necklace Flower Turquoise

Rhinestone Necklace Flower Turquoise

There are some great lessons to be learned from sellers who have been there.  The Etsy community is an amazing place to learn from other sellers.  Jewelry sell zafirenia shares their steps to reaching 500 sales.

zafirenia says:

Recently I happily reached 500 sales and thought I could share some of the things that helped me do that. I don’t present myself as an expert here, but my idea is to share with you some things that it might help you, especially if you are new to Etsy.

1. Banner, Profile Photo and Shop Name
Firstly it was so important for me to have a banner for my Etsy shop, a picture in my profile and of course a shop name that it would be recognizable, representative for me and easily to remember. And I say for me and not only for my jewelry, because I strongly believe that what you sell should firstly represent you and then your clients. If you don’t like what you sell, then probably nobody else will like it too. In the same way your banner and profile photo should convey your mood and in a way what you sell. So for example if you sell something ‘pop’ I would expect your banner to have bright and strong colors, or if you sell gold and sterling silver jewelry I would expect your banner to be simple and specific. I thought of these as something that would help me to develop my brand and make my name recognizable. In the same way the photo in your profile is equally important as it represents you all over Etsy and if you have the same photo and don’t change it all the time, you would be easier recognizable. For me it is something that it triggers the interest of the other to click it and explore your shop more, so I prefer to choose a picture of one of my jewelry.

2. Be Prepared to Change
When I started selling on Etsy 2 years ago I was making glass beaded fabric jewelry. It was something that I was selling in shops in my hometown for years and I strongly believed and loved what I was doing. However I found out that this kind of jewelry was not so much of a great selling option in Etsy and in US (US customers are the 99% of my clients) and started to think what else I could do. I was ready to question my product and find out new ways, materials and techniques to express myself. I did a search on what was most sold in jewelry in Etsy (because I’m a jewelry designer) and find out that vintage style, flowers and bridal jewelry was a creative challenge for me so I made the step and show my shop flourish. I’m not saying that you should find something that sells and do the same thing. The contrary! I’m suggesting to find out what sells, what people prefer and try to find yourself in that, to find your way to express yourself and not be afraid to make new things and to play with the ‘unknown’. You never know where it will drive you to take the risk.

3. Aim in Pleasure and not Only in Money Making
Some months ago I caught myself doing similar designs mostly because they were selling good forgetting to enjoy in what I was doing and focusing on how I could raise my sales. Mysteriously I show a drop in my sales and views, like if people could sense that through the internet and decided not to stop by my shop. After a conversation with my boyfriend in what was going wrong in my shop, he told me that I wasn’t making any fresh new jewelry and wasn’t experimenting with new things. Like I had found a patent and continue doing the same thing. From the next day I started to play with new things and enjoy myself more not only to sell but for me too. This is something that people ‘smell’ when visiting your shop and they are identified with not only your products, but the person behind the products.

4. Always put yourself in the role of the buyer.
You are the best and most strict judge of your products. So don’t forget to ask: “Do I like what I see? Would I buy it? Do I find the price reasonable? Do I have all the information that I need in order to buy something that I don’t see in real person, as regards to size, color, weight, how it looks on a real person, shipping information, delivery time, etc.?” Reverse roles with your clients and ask yourself how would you like to be treated when you buy something online? How would you feel? What would make you feel safer to make an online transaction? All these questions will help make a customer friendly shop with communicative shop policies.

5. Try to Excel in Customer Service
Treat your customers as you would like to be treated. It makes a difference when you answer quickly to their messages, when you try to fulfill their requests, when you keep them updated for their transactions, when you thank them for their purchase, when you send them a message when you send their items and inform them personally how much they should wait in order to get their item/s. Try to find a way out when they are not satisfied and be always friendly, understanding and communicative. This is what will make a person come back to your shop and shop again.

8. Don’t Give Up – There is a Reason Why you Don’t Sell
You may do all and more than the above and still you don’t have the results you would like. Don’t worry, it isn’t your fault. It takes time and it will not be done overnight. The reason that you don’t sell might be that people don’t know yet that you exist. So you need to get yourself out there either by listing, advertising and promoting your shop. Sooner or later people will find you if you continue doing what you do. It took me two years insisting in listing items every day, to get some people know me and to sell almost one to two items every day and there are more to come. Of course I will continue to consider myself as a student that always have something more to learn and this is far more exciting!

To read the rest of these tips check out the post in the Etsy forums HERE.

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The “core” of success is already within you—ready to be released—it’s all about YOU!  Creative Etsy Success 

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  1. Excellent advice! I especially like point 8. One thing I’ve learned is there is a market for just about anything. If you like it, chances are someone else likes it, too. SEO and photography–words to live by.

  2. What great advice! Points 3, 4 and 8! Have noted it!

  3. Great tips and advice! I would like to invite you to visit my shop and see my unique and fun designs I create on my pottery.


  4. Great tips!! Starting a jewellery Etsy shop is my dream/goal for the year! You’re saving poor rookies like me a lot of time and effort! Thank you for sharing your hard-earned knowledge..!

  5. Sometimes you just have to ask:
    What can I do better?
    What can I change?
    What’s my part of the equation?
    Sally Anne

  6. Thanks for the helpful advice.

  7. It take time to get established on ETSY. I am selling my leaf art so cheap just to get feedback from my clients. Great advise from someone sold 500 items. Thank you.

  8. Appreciate the pep talk! Thanks, I needed it today.
    Hide A Heart

  9. Thank you for the advice! Out of curiosity, where did points 6 and 7 go? I’d love all the help you are willing to offer!

  10. Thank you for posting this excellent advice! I particularly like the parts about finding yourself in what is selling & keeping things fresh by continuing to experiment.

  11. Best tip ever: Don’t give up!

    How long it will take to start getting sales is different for everyone. It took me over a month to get my first sale, and well over a year to reach 100. However, I feel like the more work and promotion I have put into my shop, the more it has paid off. The longer you are at it, the more admirers and followers you will get, and therefore, the sales will eventually be coming faster.

    I opted to try to keep myself from doubting my own product because it didn’t appear to be selling as well as some of the other, more simple, jewelry sellers around me. I stuck to my guns and I think i am starting to find my own niche, a glamorous and slightly-gothic crowd who prefer jewelry and accessories of a more unique variety.

  12. Very good article. Good advice. It’s always been slow going for me and I just keep going and keep creating and listing and loving what I make. You are so right about customer service being important.

  13. Very good points, I am curious to know what is the best thing for a profile picture, one of yourself or your product or a logo??

  14. Many thanks. Great tips to follow.

  15. Point no. 4 and point no. 8 is what I liked and noted! Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Thank you for your helpfull tips! I always try to motivate myself to keep continueing. I think my style is slightly different then most of the jewerly makers.. not every piece.. but there is a style that i cant name..when i find that out I will change my shop name.. Thanks to you I know now that my light pink banner isnt what my items are.. I need to use more bright colors as my items are aswell. I will wait till I have find out my new shop name and change my banner (brand).

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