Monday , 30 November 2020

Tips For Hosting A Giveaway On Your Blog

Big Vintage Black Metal Letter G

Big Vintage Black Metal Letter G

EternalHope says:

I have my first giveaway up right now and I’ve learned a few things that I thought were worthy enough to pass on.

1) submit your giveaway to:

there are other directories out there but these were SUPER easy to submit to and I’ve gotten loads of traffic in return for literally seconds of effort.

2) Sign up for feedburner and have your readers submit their email addy to be entered in the giveaway. My subscriber list has jumped from 30 to 130 since the giveaway went up. Even if half those people unsubscribe after the giveaway is over I still end up with a nice little button that tells readers they are part of a like minded group.

3) Ask for reader participation for an entry. I’ve asked my readers to submit a creative tip to get another entry and the results will be great blog fodder for future posts.

I hope this helps someone out there and good luck with all your giveaways!

Read the entire thread HERE.

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  1. Hey Tim!
    Thanks for the great tips on Blog giveaways. We are getting ready to launch a new web site for the American Holiday Artists and we’re planning a giveaway from our FB Fan page:

    These tips will come in handy! Sally Van Nuys

    PS – Watch for our lunch on August 25th!

  2. Thank you Tim for announcing it here! My name is Suzanne and we are excited about the launch of our new marketplace created by Sally Van Nuys!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I’ve been thinking about doing a [? perhaps monthly] giveaway on my site. But I don’t want to force people to follow me on the various social avenues all for the sake of free know. I want it to be about quality vs. quantity of followers.

    My thoughts were to giveaway “x” & direct people to look around the shop & leave a comment with something else they like in the shop. Perhaps offer 1 more entry if they referred a friend to do the same.

    I’ve seen those random number generators out there & was thinking about doing that..

    Any other tips or thoughts would be appreciated!

    ♥ – Kat.

  4. This is so helpful, I always wanted to do this for my team and now I have some great ideas thanks so much I learn so much from this community !!!

  5. Perhaps now, with this added encouragement and great ideas, we’ll get a give a way off the ground.

  6. Excellent tips! I haven’t tried the one on submitting it the directories. I’ll have to try those next time, I have another giveaway coming up, in February, so I’ll try it then & maybe it can also be announced here, on Handmadeology? :)

  7. Great info — I’m planning to host a giveaway after the new year. I just launched my web page – actually I won the web page design in a giveaway by Mary of — I just need to figure out how to do it and what to giveaway.

  8. Boy do I appreciate this! Just posted my first giveaway and results have been bleak. Thank you for sharing.

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