Monday , 30 November 2020
Top 443 Keywords to Use for the 4 th of July

Top 443 Keywords to Use for the 4 th of July

If you’ve done any keyword research in the past you’re probably used to dreaming about word variations and spreadsheets on a nightly basis. It’s something every shop owner goes through because choosing the correct terms to describe your products is key to getting your products in front of interested buyers.

Relevant keywords and their popularity are always changing and in order to stay on top of the trends, you must constantly re-evaluate your listing titles and tags. This is particularly important over the holidays because certain terms are only used during particular times of the year. So, if you want a lot of traffic over the holidays, then you need to temporarily incorporate holiday terms.

Updating Your Listings with Holiday Terms Gets You More Traffic

At the Handmade Seller magazine we’re always providing our subscribers with current lists of high-traffic keywords. This month, we’re making our list of the 443 top keywords for the 4th July available to everyone! Yay!

Follow These Steps to Get Holiday Traffic

  1. Download the list : DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. Select high-traffic keywords that are relevant to your product
  3. Update your titles and tags to include those keywords
  4. Watch your clicks and views go up!

Enjoy the list and we hope this brings you a lot of extra sales!

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Dani Marie

CEO & Best Selling Author
Handmade Seller Magazine


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