Friday , 10 July 2020 – The Handmade Marketplace Where Sellers Can Tell Their Story – The Handmade Marketplace Where Sellers Can Tell Their Story

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Hi everyone! My name is Chris and I’m one of 4 co-founders of a brand new handmade marketplace. Timothy Adam has kindly invited us to give you an introduction to Trendii and explain to you how it can be used to help promote your handmade products to a new and engaged audience.

Let’s kick it off – What is Trendii?

Trendii was created by 4 people who have a real passion for those who follow their dreams of creating great quality handmade products that they can sell from home.

We’ve been working to create a platform that helps handmade sellers like you tell the stories behind creating their products – and as a result also create a great piece of content that can be shared to your social following, subscribers & fans.

We’ve learnt that when a person learns your story behind building a product, they are then 22 times more likely to buy it and trendii enables you to do this in an entirely new way.

Creating Your Story – How to Promote Your Products Using Trendii

The Canvas

The starting point for your story is the ‘create’ page. This is where you can collect all of your favorite content and build your story from scratch.


Using the search and filters to the right, you can search through our database of videos, music & products to help start of your story. We pull our videos directly from YouTube, so if you’ve already published a product video you can simply drag and drop it onto your canvas from the feed.

Aside from the content that we already host within Trendii, we also provide you with a range of tools to assist you in building an engaging story to share out to your followers.



The Tools

There are currently 5 main tools that you can use to populate your stories with great content:

  1. 1.      Add Text
  2. 2.      Import from Desktop
  3. 3.      Import from Instagram
  4. 4.      Import from Tumblr
  5. 5.      Add Product URL

Most importantly, the ‘Add Product URL’ feature allows you to enter your product URL from Etsy or your eCommerce website: so that the cost, product image, details & URL can be pulled in automatically.

People who view the story once it is finished are then able to follow the link back to the product page ready for purchasing.

All of the content that you import into trendii can be found within the ‘MY ITEMS’ filter to the far right of the ‘create’ page. Once you have imported all of the content that you would like, you can re-arrange it within the canvas through simple motions.

You can also add text and background colors to break up your story and describe the processes involved in creating your products.

Below are some great examples of stories created by some of our existing handmade sellers. You can also see a Trendii Case Study we’ve put together showing the results of a single story that was published recently. Currently you’ll need to create an account with Trendii in order to view the stories.

Example Stories


When your story is finished, click the ‘Publish’ button at the bottom of your canvas. You will then be asked to name, describe and tag your story so that it can be found within our search results. It doesn’t stop there…

Reaching a New Audience

When a story is published, you will see it pop up in our feed. This is where everyday users will come onto the site and search for things they are interested in. When a user views your story, they have the ability to up-vote it.



The more up-votes your story receives the higher it will rank within our results and the more exposure it will receive. You can also share your story out to your social channels using the share options in order to improve your rating and earn more up-votes.

Trendii & Handmadeology – Handmade Stories – Week One

Over the coming weeks Trendii & Handmadeology will be working together to find the most inspirational and interesting stories that handmade sellers have behind their work.

CLICK HERE to submit your shop to be featured.

We will also be keeping an eye out for all of the best stories being created using Trendii so that we can write about you and feature you on the Handmadeology website.

We look forward to seeing you utilize the power of Trendii and share your passions, interests and the stories behind your products.

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