Tuesday , 4 August 2020

Want The Truth About Making Etsy’s Front Page?


Each day, Etsy selects and features about 300 Etsy products on its front page out of the 9+ million handmade, vintage, and supply items on Etsy.  If this was a simple lottery – your odds would be 1 in 30,000 of making the front page daily!

Obviously, the odds are against you, but we’ve noticed something unique . . . many sellers beat these odds almost daily and make the front page consistently-gaining the benefits of free promotion, a large audience being introduced to their shop, and increased sales.

The Handmadeology team was curious.  What makes these sellers beat the odds so consistently and make the front page almost daily?  What can we learn from them to increase your likelihood of making the front page?

We’ve all heard the commentary in the Etsy community before:

“Only use ______ type of backgrounds in your photos.”

“Take your pictures at an angle – or straight on.”

“Use props with your products – or don’t use props.”

“Use a model in the photo – or don’t put a human in the picture.”

The Handmadeology team is tired of “rumors of front page success” and have sought out the truth in the matter!

For the past few months, we’ve been doing research. . . . lots and lots of research, data gathering, graph making, analyzing data, asking questions, interpreting data—all in the quest for truth about what type of product photos make the front page.

We’re almost done with the analysis and are putting the finishing touches on a special report edition of the Handmadeology Magazine—which will be called “The Naked Truth About How to Make Etsy’s Front Page”!

This report will tell you 10 ways you can statistically increase your chances of making the front page and other interesting never before revealed front page facts-offered through the Handmadeologybiz Etsy shop.  The numbers don’t lie – we know how to make the front page and how these sellers make the front page consistently!

Sign up below to be informed when this Handmadeology Magazine Special Report will be released.  You will also receive a 20% off coupon good at time of check out.  (It will be between 30 and 35 pages long packed full of easy to interpret graphs, examples of these 10 variables that make the front page, and practical suggestions to improve your product photos.


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  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see what you’ve found! Until then check out this post I wrote- How I Did Nothing and Landed on Etsys Front Page http://trashn2tees.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-i-did-nothing-and-landed-on-etsys.html

  2. LOL I get a small chuckle whenever I read new sellers speaking of the “Front Page”, like it is Etsy’s own Holy Grail. If they can JUST attain it, their shop will have eternal success!

    I’ve been there a few times myself, including two wonderful holiday inclusions ~ on Valentine’s Day and Christmas morning!

    Although it can certainly give us hundreds/thousands of initial views, and even some sales, the Front Page is ever-refreshing and changing (unlike the Etsy Finds e-mail) ….
    and like a One-Hit-Wonder, the attention will fade quickly unless we keep promoting our shops.

    Getting new folks into our shops (ya know, the 900,000 people who missed the Front Page at 8:45 AM on Tuesday!) is our responsibility, as is wooing them into becoming repeat customers. ;)

  3. I so agree with TaraFly! Getting the ever-drooled-over-fleeting moment on the front page will not make you an instant success story. Now that I’ve been around Etsy long enough, I’m learnin’ a few things! Never been on the front page, but my networking and marketing are beginning to pay-off, and my traffic is increasing, yay!
    I too fell into one of the ‘do this-don’t do that!’ traps; I began writing my store name on the first/gallery picture of all my products, mainly to deter others copying my designs, and brand my product. A member of the critique team said “don’t do that! You’ll never make the front page!” Considering the advice I read as to why I would do that in the first place, I gotta tell ya, weighing the pros and cons of exposure and branding over promotion is a toughie! I still haven’t changed it, might not ever, but I’ve learned that life exists off the front page.
    Oh, I still want to read that article!

  4. I was on the front page years ago! Would love to see it happen again. It made a huge difference in views/sales.

  5. After only 10 weeks or so I made the Front page and though some of you pooh-pooh it, I am so totally happy and excited!!!! Amazing!

  6. would love to find out the secrets of hitting the front page!!

  7. I don’t think that Etsy is the best place for me to sell my work, but I still have a completely irrational craving to make it to the Front Page. Sure, being featured there will increase views, but I still don’t think I will sell anything.

  8. I would sure like to see my work on the front page. I love etsy. Marilyn

  9. I would love to know when it comes out. Thanks so much.

  10. I would love to be notified. Thank you.

  11. Yes, do please let me know.

  12. Please notify me. Thanks!

  13. Yes, would love to get some tips …

  14. Yes, I would like to receive the tips.

  15. I would love to know when the post comes out.

  16. Yes! Please add my name to the notification list, thanks!

  17. I’ve been in a few treasuries that made the front page, would love to know more about the whole process.

  18. It is easy to see wich team treasury m consistently make the FP. Plus a few hight shot favorite….here you are.
    I am iterested in what you found. Hope it is not going to cost us 100$ each.

  19. I also agree. The front page is not the grail. Just a thrill. Made it a few time there. What pay most is real marketing.

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