Saturday , 15 May 2021
When you push yourself by creating high goals, it forces you to stretch your comfort zone to a place of constant expansion.

What do you WANT?! That is the Question!

Vintage Ricoh Auto 35 Rangefinder Camera

Vintage Ricoh Auto 35 Rangefinder Camera | by: calloohcallay

What do you WANT?! That is the Question!

I am curious: Do you know yourself well enough to have a clear definition of what you want? It sounds like a strange question, but many people don’t (1.) know themselves well or (2.) have a clear definition of what they want. And, it’s imperative we figure this out! I created my blog this year with the specific purpose of helping Etsy sellers define and create the success they seem to seek. I offer tips, ideas, and instruction for gaining sales and earning income.

However, if you don’t know where your destination is, it will take you forever to arrive. In other words, business articles can offer you advice all day long, but unless you apply it toward your definite goals, you’ll be zig-zagging all over the map.

I have an important request of everyone who reads this article. I ask it kindly, but urgently: please do not compromise with life. Please do not vaguely wish for more money, more exposure, more family time, more love, more success, more laughter, or more adventure. If you want more of anything, kindly turn off the TV or stop surfing the internet, sit down with yourself, and clearly identify what needs to change for you to feel fulfilled, satisfied, and hungry for more Life every day! Because we all deserve more LIFE in our life.

This means no more accepting, keeping, or doing what you don’t want. This is a tough statement, because it calls for change. Change can be uncomfortable–but the discomfort only lasts a minute in the grand scheme of things. I promise more on embracing change next time, but the point is:

When you push yourself by creating high goals, it forces you to stretch your comfort zone to a place of constant expansion.

Better, harder, faster, stronger. Grow. Gain. Achieve. As Cherie Carter-Scott said, “You deserve to have everything in your life exactly as you want it.” To kick-start your success, I ask that you create a clear definition of what you want. I promise to use the next several posts to help you start organizing your wants and desires into an action plan, but first you must name what you want!

Your first assignment: Compose an “I Want” list. It will have three columns, and I want you to list AT LEAST 10 items under each category. Your categories are: I want to have; I want to be; and I want to do. And don’t you dare put easy things on that list! Here, you want to stretch your imagination, reach for the stars, and envision your very best life. Yes you can have it all–you absolutely deserve to have everything in your life exactly as you want it. So, go make your list, check it twice, and meet me back here next week!


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  1. Wonderful words. Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for the push. I’m in! I’ve been thinking along these lines lately anyway and look forward to reading the upcoming posts. Making my list over the weekend.
    Happy Friday Earth Day to all! ~Annie

  3. “…no more accepting, keeping, or doing what you don’t want.”

    Powerful words, right when I needed to hear them. Thanks. Great article!

  4. I know what I want… To be a full-time potter. That sounds so much easier than it has been. I know I need to sit down and set a true path. I feel like I’m wandering much more than I should.
    Thanks for the push.
    Sally Anne

  5. Ah what powerful words. That’s exactly where I am right now, What do I want? What do I want to be when I grow up? I devoted so much of my life to my children I lost sight of the vision or the goal for me. My goal was and still is to do the best I could for my children but what is best for them is not a mother that is lost and stuck up their I definately will be evaluating WHat I Want, this week. thank you for the inspiration.

    • I love this, and I agree that if you get too caught up in your children’s lives, what’s left when they’re off to live them without you! Looking forward to working with you on this, Kirsten ♥

  6. Setting a goal and direction is important. I have not done that so I need to focus on this. Thanks for giving us this information.

  7. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  8. this is motivating. thank you!

  9. This is very timely for me, as I was just asking myself that very question yesterday. I hope to work on my list before your next post. Thanks!

  10. Love the motivational push! Totally making a list to help me keep moving forward.

  11. This is exactly what has been bugging me for quite a while !

  12. This post really got me moving today. Made several good business decisions today! Thank you.

  13. Great post. Anyone know where I can find the next part?

  14. I absolutely love your style! Thank you for this. I’m finally addressing these questions for my business and LIFE! I look forward to reading more. In 5,4,3….

  15. Thank you for the uplifting words!! I can’t tell you how desperately I needed to hear those things. Thank you for taking the time to help others “get started” with their Etsy shops!! Your kind words have made an impact on me today, and I will think differently when making decisions concerning who I want to be. Very heartfelt and insightful!!

  16. Thank you ! Very inspiring!

  17. This was really helpful to me. I am struggling find time and energy to build my print and photo business while also maintaining a full-time job and a loving connection to my amazing fiance, but it is hard to keep focused on what I want and why — thanks so much for posting this! :)

  18. I needed this today! Thank you!

  19. This is really a great article especially for beginners like me who are just about to start selling on Etsy.
    Thanks a lot for making me realize it’s important to give more than 100% for anything to be successful.

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