Thursday , 29 July 2021

What Type Of Sales Should I Run In My Etsy Shop During The Holiday Season?

Christmas Stocking - Black and Tan No. 4

Christmas Stocking - Black and Tan No. 4 | by: SouthHouseBoutique

I have talked before about how important keywords are when listing items in your Etsy shop.   |How to Properly Place Keywords Part 1 and Part 2| With the holiday shopping season fast approaching and the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp kicking off, I saw it fit to talk about what kind of sales we should be running in out Etsy shops.

I have run sales in my Etsy shop that have been successful and some that did not go over well.   During the holiday season shoppers are looking for sales, deals, and discounts.  I did some research with Google Insights, and found out what sale keywords are being searched during the holiday shopping season.

Holiday Sale

Holiday Free Shipping

Jewelry Sale

% Off  Sale


These are just a few sale ideas.  Lets dig a bit further into one of these sale keywords:

Head over to the Google Keyword Tool, and search your keyword.  I am looking at “holiday free shipping”.

This keyword is searched 1,900 times per month.  Not a ton but the Competing pages are lower, so your chances of getting noticed on Google for this key phrase is good.

Repeat this process for any keyword or phrase.  You can reference |How to Properly Place Keywords Part 1 and Part 2|  for more detailed info and learn how to place your holiday sale keywords in your Etsy shop.

Now it is super easy to put your Etsy listings on sale with Etsy On Sale.

Do you have an Etsy tip?  Submit it here.


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  1. Awesome research and sharing – marking thanks!!

  2. Given all this a try in various forms, but haven’t seen any boost or success. :(

  3. Using the right key words may be the key. I’ve run sales in the past that did nothing (literally nothing), but I think there were several factors: the shop was new & traffic was low, so it was too soon, maybe I used the wrong key words & didn’t promote enough or more importantly, to the right market. Research & more effective promotion might yield better results, thanks for the tips!

  4. great tips + tricks! this year will be my first time selling online during the holidays so this advice comes at a great time. thanks a whole lot!

  5. Tim, you are great at what you do! thanks for all the advice!

  6. Thank you so much, Tim, your insights are wonderful and a great help to Etsiers

  7. Fab info. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

  8. Tim – thanks for sharing your research. You are very generous to show us the results of different marketing approaches.

    Thanks also for the email you sent me about this. I will be reading the informational links you sent.

  9. I went through all this and created a sale on “etsy on sale” it did change the item title to include my sale title but the discount is not being reflected anywhere… how is this supposed to work?

  10. Thank you for the sharing this research with us all.

  11. This is very helpfull thank you for sharing. Good luck to everyone. It’s a bit of a jungle out there.

  12. I have tried reorganizing my shop, paid attention to key words, offering free shipping, made sure I have some inexpensive items, putting all my items on 20 percent off from Oct to mid Dec and I have not had one sale! This is truly disheartening!

  13. I’m reading this late, but I hope to have it help me this fall!

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