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What Will You Create for 2014? A Few Things NOT to Worry About

What Will You Create for 2014? A Few Things NOT to Worry About

It’s no secret, and there are no two ways about it: In order to expand, you have to s  t  r  e  t  c  h your comfort zone. The end of a calendar year is the perfect time to review what’s working and what you need to work on. But before we dive into effective goal-setting, I want to cover these common pitfalls to avoid when planning big career moves.

A Few Things NOT to Worry About

Having too many ideas and not knowing where to start. 

Pitfall number one! The key here is to choose one idea and start working with it. What needs to be created will take shape.

I’ve had a digital product in the works for about a year to teach online sellers how to advertise and market their online business.  It was to be my very first e-program. As part of my research, I spent a lot of time online and in forums discussing marketing with the handmade community, and I realized that the majority of sellers looking for answers are getting advice that is either (1.) generic or (2.) just plain wrong. My first e-program, Shop Fundamentals was born of my fear that I would teach advertising and exposure to sellers who didn’t have an effective online storefront, and all of their money and time would be wasted.

The point here is to start. It’s true: another idea might take priority over the project you started, and that’s okay. It’s all in the spirit of progress. Write your ideas down on paper, pick the one that you feel needs to be done first, and then number the order in which you think the others should follow. Be fluid with that plan, just as I did by letting Shop Fundamentals cut in front of Advertising and Exposure. It’s not how I originally intended it, but ultimately, Shop Fundamentals will make Advertising and Exposure a better product.

What if it doesn’t work? 

You could dance with potential failure for the rest of your life, and I could pull 8,000 inspirational quotes right here about why going for broke is better than giving up on your dreams. I’ve personally made a lot of mistakes, and I’ve seen a lot of failure. I also have an exceptional lifestyle. I get paid to do what I love to do, and I work from home. I’m able to create flexible business hours around my number one priority, which is my family. The reward always outweighed the risk.

I love this pin with the quote, “Rejection is God’s way of saying ‘wrong direction.’”. I’ve cried like this, and it’s such a real and vulnerable moment; it’s sort of gooey sweet. Moments of rejection are an absolute prerequisite to moments of unadulterated triumph and elation.

Successful big leaps are the result of numerous missed attempts. Enjoy every part of your journey, and relish in those gooey sweet, vulnerable fails. Each one of them is making your story that much better: you’re writing the kind of tale that will give the room chills when you tell it.

What if it does work?

Some artisans are paralyzed by the idea of opening a shop and being inundated with orders, dealing with the sudden popularity that comes with listing your products online for the world to see. How will they keep up with the demand? The rest of us are smiling at the naivety of that idea, because we’ve all been humbled by it. Let me tell you, dear friend, that’s just not how it works. You’re only given as much as you can handle. I used to wish for thousands of orders … when I had less than 30 items in stock. This year, I’ve done two wholesale orders (100 bracelets each) and it’s just too much for me to handle while I’m running an online store and blogging. If there’s space in your schedule (and there will be in the beginning), it’s there for a reason. Use it to grow into the success you wish to become.

Stick with it.

I am no stranger to the idea that real success takes time. Your ideas need to be planted, nurtured, and watered. And all the while, you need to show up and love the seed as much as you plan to love the fruit. This is not always easy to do, especially for creative businesses. It’s not easy to create when you’ve been creating for a long time for very little money. It gets hard to justify the time and energy you give to something that doesn’t always give back.

I love this quote from Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter,

Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you like like an overnight success.

But it’s easy to forget when the routine demands of your daily life keep dragging you down while offering little to no reward.

Join Us

Tim and I have something in the works to help you make the absolute MOST out of your 2014. We’re hosting a 3-hour, LIVE online workshop on Thursday, December 19. Part of our focus is on kinetic goal-setting. We’re going to show you how to take your business from a state of rest to a state of velocity. We want you to DREAM BIGGER and ACHIEVE MORE than you ever have before, and we have the tools to help you do just that.

We’ll be sharing more details soon, and I hope you’ll join us! Until next time, Lisa Jacobs


So today we want to hear your story!!! …. Tell us 3 things you learned and applied this year to your creative business… You can post them with a link to your shop over on Faecbook HERE . In the final weeks we will feature your stories on the Handmadeology blog! 

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  1. Lisa, your words are always a breath of fresh air. What you write is always so well expressed, carefully thought-through and structured. I’ve also never seen a spelling mistake in your work (yet!). Keep up the inspiration.

  2. Wow, what a well written article. It’s people like you that inspire me to keep plugging away at my dreams. Thank you for the inspiration! (P.s. love the quote)

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