Monday , 10 May 2021
Well today I'm sharing how you can invest in your business & invest in your children at the same time! Whether you have a newborn, a toddler, a school aged child, or a teenager. Enjoy!

Work At Home Moms : Here are 25 Ways to Invest in Your Handmade Business and Your Kids

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Running a business is hard work. Growing a business is even harder. It takes commitment, a vision, & an investment.

You’re a mom & business owner. You have two jobs & you need to be successful at both.

With children to care for, young or old, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Being a mom should be your #1 priority. Children grow up so fast & before you know it they’ll be grown & out on their own. You don’t want to look back & feel like you put your business before them, but you have to invest in your business in order for it to be successful.

Well today I’m sharing how you can invest in your business & invest in your children at the same time! Whether you have a newborn, a toddler, a school aged child, or a teenager. Enjoy!

Babies & Toddlers

  1. Use them as product models
  2. Read a business book out loud while they listen
  3. Put them in a bouncy seat while you write your blog post
  4. Play with them while you listen to a podcast
  5. Let them draw or color while you create your products
  6. Let them carry your packages into the post office for you
  7. Let them bring you papers from the printer or supplies you need
  8. Get them a child computer so they can work along side you
  9. Let them hand out free samples at craft shows

School Aged Children

  1. Let them help you package your products
  2. Let them help you organize your studio
  3. Let them create something along side of you
  4. Ask their opinions on colors for products
  5. Let them help you style your photos
  6. Take them with you to buy supplies
  7. Teach them to sort your receipts by month to prepare for taxes


  1. Let them design a product of their own
  2. Teach them to automate certain social media updates
  3. Have them contact business owners for wholesale inquiries
  4. Take them with you to business meetings so they can learn
  5. Have them pull orders & package them
  6. Have them answer emails
  7. Teach them to take photos of your product
  8. Let them write blog posts about your business
  9. Let them file taxes with you to learn

Help me expand this list! Share your tips & tricks when it comes to including your kids in your business below in the comment section. 

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  1. Great ideas! I am already doing some of those with my girl.. she helps me with choosing colours sometimes and also does a little bead stringing when she wants.

  2. Great read. I don’t have children yet, but do plan on having children in the future. I often wonder how it will change my day, let alone my whole life. It is good to know some of these ideas in advance.


  3. really good suggestions!
    My kids are teens, and I am always asking for their opinions on my products and encouraging them to create, in the hopes of carrying their creations in my shop to show them the possibilities are endless.

  4. absolutely love the idea for tasking my son to automate my social media updates. It is a job he would really like and excel at and not one that I particularly enjoy, it’s a win-win! Thank you!

  5. Welcome ladies! Glad it’s been helpful!

  6. I definitely like the input from kids,whenever I make something and they try to keep that usually is a great indicator of a good design :). Also half of my studio has toys, puzzles, kids books ( well it used to be a playroom) so kids feel very comfortable just hanging out when I work. Also they LOVE helping with pincushion and pins, or putting scraps in a scrap box ( sometimes damping it out to fill it up again ).I think just letting them feel like they are take a part in you work makes them feel happy, and of course I take breaks every 20 minutes ( snacks, potty, book reading etc.) Giving myself challenge of completing something in 20 minutes is sort of good for motivation .But keep in mind, there is no stick rules about that, life happens and sometimes unplanned events cross you way ( aka. emergency toilet runs, mysteriously disappearing cars under the couch etc.) I think that is the mantra for all working mamas – stay focused and flexible :)…and for that take some yoga classes :)

  7. My kids wear some of my custom tees to school and parties, we work together to make a little trinket to dress up a birthday present (always a gift card — saves me lots of time and energy), they help me set up and break down my table at craft shows, my 5 yo has taken some photos of ME wearing my hats! With a little cropping they work. My 8 yo is working on creating, too.
    this is a great article, thanks!!

  8. Love your ideas, great article. I’m doing some of them with my boy, he is 11. He is my #1 critique and company to the craft store. I thinks I’m going to try let him take the pictures and make more pieces of jewelry. He love clay so maybe I will add that. Thanks again.

  9. You all are awesome mamas! Way to go including your kids. It’s so fun for them & fun for us too… as well as stressful at times, but it’s all worth it! You all have such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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