Wednesday , 28 July 2021
Your Blog Post Promotion Checklist

Your Blog Post Promotion Checklist

I started blogging right around the time I launched my Etsy shop in 2007.  My wife said I should start a blog and at the time I had no clue what a blog was!  Fast forward to 2012, and things are just a bit different.

Here are a few articles from Handmadeology that will help you build and promote your blog!

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If you are looking to get some exposure for your blog post after you have written it, here a great infographic from DivvyHQ that explains it all.

You Blog Post Promotion Checklist

Blog Promotion Check List - divvyhq

If you want to print this off here are the instructions. 

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  1. thanks for some great blogging tips-I am new to blogging-just got started a couple months ago. I LOVE writing my blog, but have been a bit lost in the how to do it dept. The tips are a great visual for me, and so helpful!

  2. I recently started a book blog and my friend (and reader) recommended this article to me! Thanks so much for the tips!

  3. hello! I found this whole post very helpful and unique. Not a lot of people are fully aware of all the ways to promote and boost traffic, I sure wasn’t when I started a blog. I am hosting a link up where I am asking bloggers to link up their posts that are helpful to other bloggers. I’m hoping it can serve as a “directory” where new bloggers can come and learn a lot. I’d love if you link this post up!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I shared this link on Facebook!

  5. really great tips, i definitely learned a few things in just a couple of minutes, thank you!

  6. These are really great tips – many of them I have never thought of before. Thank you!

  7. I’ve been blogging for a number of years now and found that it is easy to fall into the same patterns and play it safe. These are tips that can shake things out and freshen up my content. I’ll be saving this to Evernote and using your advice. Thanks so much!!

  8. Very cool post, appreciate the information.

  9. Hello, thank you for your tips! You post is a great help… I’m a new blogger and I’ll surely gonna remember them.

  10. Great info! Thank you for your post. I’ve already put some of your tips into action (gmail signature and reading up on RSS feeds). I will be posting my new blog in a few days so I’ll put more of your tips to use! Thanks. I’ve also put this on my pinterest board. After my post is done, I’ll check out your site more. Looks like a lot of great info here :-)

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