Friday , 10 July 2020

“Your Handmade Business Foundation” for success and more sales

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Hi, I’m Mei (‘may’) Pak, the Pragmatic Designer. I’m your practical problem solver, and I’m here to help you create a happier, abundant and fun business!
I specialize in helping handmade businesses like yours. I once started out at zero sales, and now make six figure sales a year selling my handmade jewelry.
I’m a maker, artist and designer, just like you. I create handmade jewelry at Tiny Hands where I currently sell in over 70 stores, lead a team of four production assistants and two sales reps. You might have seen my jewelry in some of the press shown above!
My husband quit his job in 2013 and my business alone supported us both; paid for our bills and a house, and allows us to spend more time with each other.
I’ve done it before. I come packaged with first hand experience. If you want to learn some of the strategies I use in my own handmade business, come over to:
Free ebook “Your Handmade Business Foundation” for success and more sales:
Tiny Hands scented food jewelry:
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  1. Yes, with Jewelery or clothing, anything for the body you can do it but not with household items which are not kitsch or with anything which has real aesthetic value. I have been in the game too long. Two rules apply:
    1. People will buy body decoration when they do not have food on the table.
    2. Cute / Kitsch sells

    We do not even try to discuss art.

    Norman Ridenour

  2. Success….I’ve sold many pieces and have done a few shows but can’t seem to get to the next level. I also work full time and juggle my biz with success, but not enough to quite my job. Tradeshows are huge investments and usually not worth the work. I have a small retail base and I’m willing to gamble on shows. People constantly tell me I’m talented…I tell them, making jewelry is easy; finding qualified retailers to buy is almost impossible.

    It’s a one – man – show here!

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