Tuesday , 24 November 2020

Your Online Store Simplfied With Retailr – 25% off for Handmadeology Readers

Retailr is everything you need to start your own online store and grow your business. Whether you sell your crafts on Etsy or are in need of a back-up plan to sell your stuff online, Retailr is a simplified way
to get you started.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial and start building your listings in minutes. Retailr provides ready to use themes & templates, easy store management and social media tools to help you easily increase yours
sales and build your brand.

Are you giving away cuts of your sales? Other e-commerce solutions think it’s ok to take a percentage of your hard earned sales. Not at Retailr. Your sales are your money. Period. Easily pay a flat-rate
hosting fee and never pay for individual listing fees.

For a short limited time, Retailr is offering Handmadeology readers an exclusive discount. Sign up for Retailr now and receive 25% off any Retailr plan FOREVER in addition to your 30-day free trial. Use the promo code: HANDMADEOLOGY25

Other helpful Retailr links:

Retailr Blog: http://retailrapp.com/blog/

Features Tour: http://retailrapp.com/features.html

Sell on Facebook with your Retailr store:

Retailr shops use DISQUS:



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